Area of squares and Rectangles





Class: Pry 4




Area is the amount of space or surface covered by all the sides of that shape. We use ‘square’ as the basic unit of area.The area of a square of side 2m covers an area of 4 square metre or 4cm².similarly the area of a square with sides 3 centimetres long is 9 square centimetres or 9 cm².


Area of a square = L × L (or Side × Side)
Area of a rectangle=Length ×Breadth(that is L×B for short)


Find the area of a square with side 5cm.
Area of a square=Side×Side
Given a side=5cm
Area=5cm ×5cm


Find the area of a rectangle,if its length is 12cm and its breadth is 8cm.
Length= 12cm
Breadth= 8cm
Area of a rectangle =length × breadth
Area=12cm x 8cm=96cm².


1.Calculate the area of a square lawn of length 7cm.
2.Find the area of a rectangle with length 13cm and breadth 6cm.
3.Find the area of a square with side 8.9m.
4.Find the area of a rectangular field with length 14cm and breadth 8cm.

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