Time Measure



Class:Pry 4


Topic: Time




Time is the interval between two events.Clocks and watches are the instruments which indicate the time of a day.

Conversion of Time


60 seconds =1 minute

60 minutes = 1 hour

Example 1 : Convert 5 min to seconds

5 x 60 (60 seconds = 1 minute)

=300 seconds


Example 2:

Express 240 seconds in minutes

240÷60= 4 minutes

Example 3:

change 5 h to minutes.

5 × 60 = 300minutes

Example 4

Change 360 minutes to hours

360÷ 60=6 hours


1.How many seconds are there in 8 minutes

2.Change 720s to minutes.

3.change 9hours to minutes.

4.Change 3600 minutes to hours

5.What is time?

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