Addition of Numbers in Story Problems


Class: Basic 1

Subject Mathematics


Topic: Story Problems




1. Bisioye has 2 pencils and Sofia has 6 pencils. How many pencils to they have altogether.


Bisioye. 2


Sofia. 6


Altogether they have 8 pencils


2. Hubeedat has 5 rulers and Hassan has 4 rules. How many rules do they have altogether


Hubeedat 5


Hassan. 4


Altogether they have 9 rulers


Class work


1. Foyin has 7 bottles and Yaya has 1 bottle. How many bottles do they have altogether.


2. Mother gave Rodia 3 beads and Darasimi 4 beads. How many beads do they have altogether


3. Nabeelah and Ayoola were given 4 books each. How many books do they have altogether.


4.Marvelous sold 5 cups and Demilade sold 4 cups. How many cups were sold altogether.


5. I have 3 eggs and my sister has 4. How many eggs do we have altogether

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