Question words.


Class:Basic 2

Subject:English Language.

Topic;Question words.


All question words begins with ‘Wh’.

Only how begins with h.

Words that begins with ‘wh are:who, which, what, how, where,whose,when and why.

who is used for people.e.g.who is the man?

Which is used for things or animals.e.g.which book is yours?

What is used for things or animals.e.g.what animals has stripe on it’s body?

how is used to ask about the way

something is do you bake a cake.

where is used for places.e.g.where are they going?

whose is used to show belonging.e.g. whose dog is that?

when is used

for time.e.g.when are you coming?

why is used to ask for a reason.e.g.why are they late?

Evaluation: questions

Complete the sentences below with the correct question words. who, which, what, how, where, whose, when, and why.

1.———— is she crying?

2.————- way should I take?

3.————— cat is that?

4.—————- lives in that big house?

5.—————- is that lady?

6.—————-books is


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