The Game Of Basketball


Subject :Basic science


Topic: Games (Basketball)



Meaning of Games

Meaning of Basketball games

Basic skills in basketball

Safety rules in basketball


A game is a form of play or sport.

Games are usually competitive sports played according to rules.


Basketball is a ball game played on a rectangular court between two opposing teams.Each team has five players.The aim of the game is to put the ball in the opponents.



There are some basic skills that are required in the game of basketball.such skills include:






Bouncing-it is hitting the ball on the ground between the waist level and the ground as the player move towards the opponents requires fast movement


Throwing-it is the skill of moving the ball from one end of the court to the other.


Catching-this is the ability of the player to take hold or stop the ball that is travelling or moving in the air.Catching a ball thrown either by a team mate or an opponent

is important in the game of basketball.A good player must keep an eye on the ball so as not to miss it.


Safety Rules in Basketball

Some Of The Safety Rules in Basketball include:


1.Proper warm-up practice before attempting any event.


2.Avoid playing on wet or slippery ground.


3.Avoid throwing the ball with the intention of hitting your partner or opponent.


4.Avoid wearing over-size or

under-size sport kits i.e.vests, shorts and boot.


Evaluation Questions


1.Explain game ?


2.Define basketball game ?


3.List three basic skills in basketball ?








4.List three safety rules in basketball?







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