3rd Term Pry 2 Exams English Language

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CLASS: Basic Two

SUBJECT: English Language

INSTRUCTION: Fill the gaps in the following with the correct form of


1. I have _________the room already a. sweeps b. swap c. swept

2. Have you __________the latest news a. hear b. heard c. hears

3. Jones has ______all over Africa a. traveled b. travels c. travel

4. Biodun has ________to the market a. go b. gone c. went

Underline the correct sentences in the following –

5. a. Moses was born in Nigeria  b. Moses was born in Nigeria

6. a. The baby sleep in a court b. The baby sleep in a cot

7. a. I can born the bush b. I can burn the bush

8. a. lawyers work in court b. Lawyers work in a cot

9. a. The spot I like most is football b. The sport I like most is football

Underline the correct answer

10. James had gone to the village __________yesterday a. since b. for

11. Peter and Paul have lived in Jos ________ten years a. for b. since

12. Has Ola gone home? A. yes he had B. yes she has C. yes, she has

13. Have you shut the doors? A. Yes, I have b. Yes, I had c. Yes, I has


Akin will be eight years old next week. His mother had promised him an interesting birthday party. He is very happy because he has not celebrated his birthday since he was born. Akin’s friends are happy too.

“Akin is excited,” said his mother to her friend, Mrs Davies. “He has not eaten anything since morning, and he has not watched his favourite movie for two days. I am afraid for his health, “ she said “don’t worry, said Mrs. Davies. He ‘ll be fine. He has to be excited since this is his first opportunity to mark his birthday”, she concluded. Suddenly, Akin’s mother heard him running up the stairs. “Mum! Mum! I guess I will get new clothes! I have not had a new dress since the last Christmas” he shouted “sure, you will, my son” said Akin’s mother stroking his head. Akin jumped up happily.


1. Akin will be how many years old next week?

2. When last did he celebrate his birthday?

3. Why is Akin very happy?

4. Did he watch his favourite movie yesterday?