Care of the Eye

Class : Basic 1
Subject: CRK
Topic: Care of the Eyes.

The eyes are the light of the body. They are very important part of the body. They help us to enjoy our lives and to see the beautiful things that God has made.
We must take care of our eyes by obeying the following rules:

  1. Do not bring sharp objects near your eyes.
  2. Keep your eyes away from dust.
  3. Do not read with poor light.
  4. Rest your eyes by sleeping well.
  5. Ezoic
  6. Do not put dirty hands into your eyes.
  7. If you feel any pain in your eyes tell your parents on time.

Class- work

  1. Mention 3 ways in which you can take good care of our eyes.

  1. What do you use your eyes for?

  1. If you feel any pain in your eyes, you will tell who?
  2. Ezoic