Word scrabbling


CLASS: Basic 3

SUBJECT: Verbal Reasoning

TOPIC: Word scrabbling


Rearrange the following scrabbled letters to form meaningful words, given the meaning as guidelines:

Example: ALST used in cooking = SALT



  1. CHOSOL where formal education is acquired =


  1. CADUETOIN as knowledge skill or discipline acquired =


  1. EATCHER he or she impacts knowledge =


  1. RIBLILNAT distinguished by qualities which excite admiration =


  1. TNTELLIINGE endowed with exceptional reasoning ability and understanding =


  1. UCSESCES opposite of failure =


  1. ALLSHOW when it is not deep, it is =


  1. OUNCRYT a nation =


  1. RINCEP a son of a king =


  1. OTYRF a decade before fifty =


  1. CVHEIEL auto mobiles =

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