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1st Term Examination




Section A


Attempt all questions

  1. Which of these is not a problem of farm management? (a)good harvest (b)land acquisition (c)poor farm tools (d)lack of capital
  2. Which of these is a farm structure? (a)cupboard (b)crib (c)carpet (d)radio
  3. Ezoic
  4. The specially prepared food by man for his farm animals is known as __________ (a)ration (b)feed (c)nutrition (d)food
  5. Proper feed shortage in animals will lead to ___________ (a)low birth rate (b)poor reproduction (c)higher death rate (d)all of the above
  6. Animal feed that has crude fibre content is known as ________ (a)basal energy feed concentrate (b)carbohydrate concentrate (c)protein concentrate (d)all of the above
  7. Ezoic
  8. In farm structures and buildings a place where yams are stored is called ___________ (a)yam bank (b)yam barn (c)yam crib (d)yam store house
  9. Which of these is not a farm structure? (a)silos (b)crib (c)barn (d)all of the above
  10. What is cultural practices in agriculture? (a)the farming processes and stages (b)the culture of the people (c)the practice of the people’s culture (d)none of the above
  11. Ezoic
  12. Pre-planting starts when _________ (a)after the crops are planted to the ground (b)before the crops are harvested (c)from land acquisition of planting of seeds (d)none of the above
  13. Which of these activities comes during pre-planting operation? (a)land acquisition (b)clearing of bushes (c)burning and parking (d)all of the above
  14. Which of these activities comes during post planting operation? (a)thinning (b)weeding (c)staking (d)all of the above
  15. Ezoic
  16. The last activity in pre-planting operation is __________ (a)weeding (b)clearing of bush (c)sowing of seed (d)application of fertilizer
  17. The last activity during post planting operation is ___________ (a)harvesting (b)weeding (c)staking (d)eating
  18. In agriculture practices what is mono cropping? (a)a system of sowing one type of crop in an area (b) a system of sowing different crops (c) a system of sowing crops and rearing animals (d)none of the above
  19. Ezoic
  20. The two types of parasites in farm animals are _________ and ___________ parasites (a)endo and ecto parasites (b)good and bad parasites (c)red and black parasites (d)disease and health parasites
  21. Any abnormal condition that causes the body of a farm animal to malfunction is regarded as __________ effect (a)disease effect (b)lazy effect (c)power effect (d)none of the above
  22. Which of these is a way of preventing disease? (a)sanitation (b)heavy feeding (c)hard working (d)fighting
  23. Ezoic
  24. If Cowpea is found growing in a rice farm, it will be regarded as __________ (a)manure (b)weed (c)good plant (d)medicine
  25. Any organism that depends on another organism for food and shelter is known as ___________ (a)micro organism (b)parasite (c)pest (d)pathogen
  26. Which of these is a cereal crop? (a)cowpea (b)rice (c)wheat (d)all of the above
  27. Ezoic


Instruction: Answer all questions


  1. (a). List ten types of food crops you know

(b). Which of the crops that produces Latex?

  1. (a). What is Latex use for? Explain
  2. Ezoic

(b). Which crops produces tubers?

  1. (a). State five importance of agriculture in Nigeria

(b). Mention three cereal crops you know

  1. (a). State two types of vegetable crops you know

(b). Mention two leguminous crops you know

  1. (a). Define Annuals, Biennials and perennials
  2. Ezoic

(b). Give two examples of each group of these crops : Annual, biennials and perennials