1.) A ___________ is a person who belong to a particular country, either by birth or naturalization (a) citizen (b) governor (c) chairman (d) leader

2.) Which of the following is not a duty of a citizen (a) payment of taxes (b) bribery and corruption (c) obedience to law (d) respect for natural symbols

3.) A situation whereby rights and priviledges are not equally distributed is called _____
(a) social studies (b) social group (c) social injustice (d) social party
4.) ___ is a group of people of the same minds, interest and goals, who fights for the rights of the group it represents (a) pressure group (b) social group (c) citizen group (d) national group

5.) The three arms of government include the following except
(a) legislature (b) executives (c) commissioner (d) judiciary
6.) At what age is someone eligible to vote (a) 18 (b) 10 (c) 20 (d) 13
7.) There are ________ senatorial seats in the national Assembly (a) 360 (b) 180 (c) 109 (d) 36
8.) Nigeria has ________ state (a) 20 (b) 41 (c) 36 (d) 30
9.) One of the following is not a natural disaster
(a) flood (b) earth quake (c) famine (d) road accident
10.) Which of the following is not an example of pressure groups
(a) NUT (b) NUJ (c) WHO (d) NLC
11.) ____________ teaches us the right value of life
(a) civil society (b) civil servant (c) moral education (d) civic education
12.) Which of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease
(a) HIV/AID (b) malaria (c) fever (d) small pox
13.) STD means _______________ (a) sexual transport disease (b) sexually transplanted disease (c) sexually transmitted disease (d) sexually transaction disease

14.) Physical exercise of the body helps us in the following ways except _____
(a) healthy growth (b) physical well-being (c) stamina development (d) sickness
15.) All of the following can affect human growth negatively except ____
(a) balanced diet (b) poor nutrition (c) lack of physical exercise (d) inadequate sleep and rest
16.) One of these is not a way by which workers protest
(a) strike action (b) demonstration (c) resignation (d) promotion
17.) At puberty, a girl shows the following change as development except _____
(a) Growing of grey hair (b) growing of breast (c) growing of bigger and wider hip
(d) growing of hair on the armpit and private parts
18.) All of the following are examples of sexually transmitted diseases except _______
(a) gonorrhea (b) typhoid fever (c) syphilis (d) HIV/AIDS

19.) Nigeria’s democracy day is celebrated on every ______________ of the year
(a) March 30th (b) June 12th (c) May 20th (d) May 29th
20.) The current governor of Lagos State is His Excellency __________ (a) Akinwunmi Ambode (b) Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu (c) Bola Tinubu (d) Muhammod Buhari

Section B
1.) Who is a citizen? _____________________________________________________________

b.) Mention three rights of a citizen
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________
2.) Explain the term pressure group__________________________________________________

b.) State two examples of pressure groups in Nigeria
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
3.) Mention two roles of government to the people
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
b.) What is government? _________________________________________________________

4.) STD means _________________________________________________________________
b.) Mention two diseases caused by STD
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

5.) Mention two signs of changes as a result of growth and development in:
(a) Boys: __________________________________, ________________________________
(b) Girls: __________________________________, _________________________________

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