Third Term Examinations





  1. A place where we buy and sell goods is _______ (a) church (b) office (c) market
  2. The act of keeping money in the bank is called ________ (a) services (b) road safe (c) saving
  3. The head of primary school is ______ (a) rector (b) headmaster/headmistress (c) president
  4. A ___ is a person from a country other than our country (a) school (b) foreigner (c) northerner
  5. There are ___________ levels of government (a) 3 (b) 6 (c) 5
  6. The leader of our country is the __________ (a) governor (b) president (c) chancellor
  7. The people who visit famous places in our country are called _______ (a) marriage (b) foreigners (c) tourists
  8. The _________ is a law enforcement agency in Nigeria (a) police (b) pastor (c) criminal
  9.  The things we use to produce items we need are called ____ (a) relaxer (b) water (c) resources
  10.  People who use their abilities to work and make money are called _______(a) mineral resources (b) human resources (c) national resources
  11. Things that are still in their natural state are called __________ (a) money (b) raw materials (c) finished products
  12.  ____________ are created to protect us and other people (a) community (b) hospital (c) laws
  13. Iron, limestone and cocoa are examples of ___________ (a) raw materials (b) natural resources (c) human resources
  14.  ____________ is a means of moving around from place to place (a) transportation (b) kingdom (c) technology
  15.  One of the fastest way to travel over a long distance is by _______ (a) canoe (b) car (c) aeroplane
  16.  An _______________ is a device designed to perform a specific function for household use (a) orange (b) generator (c) appliance
  17.  It is good to play with electricity (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe
  18. Canoes, boats and ships travel on the _________ (a) river (b) land (c) sea
  19.  ______________ is the type of fabric that Yoruba people make(a) Aso-oke (b) kante (c) Awade
  20.  It is good to respect our elders (a) yes (b) no (c) I don’t kno
  21. Prevention means taking __________ to avoid something bad from happening to us.(a) actions(b) risks(c) care
  22. To prevent accidents at home, we should keep all sharp objects like knives and forks in their __________ places.
    (a) proper
    (b) hidden
    (c) favorite
  23. When eating a banana, we should throw the skin into the __________ bin.
    (a) recycling
    (b) refuse
    (c) compost
  24. To avoid accidents on the staircase, we should hold the __________.
    (a) door handle
    (b) handrails
    (c) banister
  25.  Our bathtub should be washed thoroughly and __________.
    (a) frequently
    (b) irregularly
    (c) never
  26. It’s important to stay away from __________ wires to prevent accidents.
    (a) exposed
    (b) colorful
    (c) long
  27.  We must not play with hot objects such as __________.
    (a) toys
    (b) plants
    (c) electric iron
  28. To prevent accidents in the school playground, it must be free from __________ objects.
    (a) sharp
    (b) soft
    (c) colorful
  29.  The school farm should not be __________ to prevent accidents.
    (a) productive
    (b) bushy
    (c) fenced
  30. The teachers in charge of laboratories should __________ children on how to handle equipment.(a) train(b) ignore(c) scare
  31.  Bad tables and chairs in the school should be __________ or removed.
    (a) decorated
    (b) repaired
    (c) sold
  32.  When playing football on the field, we should not be __________.
    (a) kind
    (b) rough
    (c) silent
  33. . Our school bags should be put on the shelves in the __________.(a) classroom(b) playground (c) library
  34. Shelves should be __________ in classrooms to keep school bags.
    (a) provided
    (b) removed
    (c) painted
  35.  To prevent accidents, the school should keep the __________ clean and safe.
    (a) toilets
    (b) windows
    (c) walls
  36.  Taking more of a drug than what the doctor asks us to take is called _________________. A drug addiction B drug peddling C drug abuse
  37. If one buys a drug by the road side, the person is engaging in _____________________. A drug trafficking B drug abuse C drug medication
  38. Drug abuse can lead to _____________________. A mental illness B mental soundness C healthy living
  39.  When someone cannot do without taking a drug, it is called __________.A drug addiction B drug abuse C drug trafficking
  40.  Drug abuse can lead to ______________________. A good performance in examination B good behaviour C dropping out of school
  41.  Drug abuse refers to the _________ use of drugs.
    a) correct
    b) wrong
    c) occasional
  42.  Taking drugs without a doctor’s advice is an example of _________.
    a) drug abuse
    b) drug prescription
    c) drug misuse
  43.  Drug abuse can lead to _________ illness.
    a) physical
    b) mental
    c) emotional
  44.  When someone engages in drug abuse, they may become _________.
    a) healthy
    b) mad
    c) successful
  45.  Drug abuse can cause _________.
    a) safety
    b) accidents
    c) productivity
  46.  Taking more drugs than prescribed by a doctor is a form of _________.
    a) responsible use
    b) drug abuse
    c) medication
  47.  Addiction occurs when a person cannot _________ a drug.
    a) tolerate
    b) avoid
    c) do without
  48.  Drug abuse can lead to dropping out of _________.
    a) school
    b) work
    c) sports
  49.  Drug abuse can result in poor _________ performance.
    a) academic
    b) athletic
    c) social
  50.  Excessive use of pain relievers can lead to _________.
    a) addiction
    b) death
    c) recovery
  51.  Drug abuse can cause _________ and troubled behavior.
    a) sleepiness
    b) happiness
    c) intelligence
  52.  Drug abuse can result in _________ from school.
    a) expulsion
    b) promotion
    c) graduation
  53.  Drug abuse can lead to _________ of mental health.
    a) improvement
    b) deterioration
    c) stability
  54.  Drug abuse can have serious _________ consequences.
    a) positive
    b) negative
    c) neutral
  55.  To prevent drug abuse one must __________________. A avoid eating fruits B avoid self medication C avoid eating foods
  56.  It is good to take drugs because our friends are taking it. A True B False C Very true
  57.  Expired drugs are drugs that ____________________. A were produced in the factory B are sold at the medicine stores
  58.  To prevent drug abuse, we should avoid _________.
    a) self-medication
    b) doctor’s advice
    c) registered drug sellers
  59.  Buying drugs from _________ drug sellers should be avoided.
    a) trusted
    b) unregistered
    c) online
  60.  It is important to avoid _________ who abuse drugs.
    a) good friends
    b) bad friends
    c) family members
  61.  Before taking drugs, seek the advice of _________.
    a) teachers
    b) doctors/nurses and pharmacists
    c) strangers
  62.  Expired drugs should be _________.
    a) used immediately
    b) avoided
    c) donated to friends
  63. Taking drugs because your friends are taking them is a form of _________.
    a) peer pressure
    b) responsible behavior
    c) doctor’s advice
  64.  _________ should only be taken under the guidance of a medical doctor.
    a) All drugs
    b) Over-the-counter drugs
    c) Prescription drugs
  65. It is important to only purchase drugs from _________ sellers.
    a) certified
    b) unlicensed
    c) street
  66.  Avoiding _________ can help prevent drug abuse.
    a) professional advice
    b) doctor’s appointments
    c) bad influences
  67. Check the _________ of drugs before taking them.
    a) color
    b) expiration date
    c) price
  68. Seek the guidance of _________ before starting any medication.
    a) friends
    b) doctors/nurses and pharmacists
    c) social media influencers
  69.  Discourage your friends from _________ drugs.
    a) abusing
    b) buying
    c) promoting
  70. Dispose of unused drugs _________.
    a) in the trash
    b) down the drain
    c) at a pharmacy or medical facility
  71. It is important to educate yourself about the _________ of drug abuse.
    a) benefits
    b) dangers
    c) availability
  72. Choose _________ friends who promote a healthy lifestyle.
    a) supportive
    b) bad
    c) random
  73. To prevent drug abuse, it’s important to ____ in productive activities. a) stay away from b) get involved in c) ignore d) avoid
  74. Who can provide assistance if someone needs help with drug problems? a) Family members b) Friends c) Professional help like doctors or counselors d) Teachers
  75. Asylum means finding a ____ place away from bad influences. a) dangerous b) safe c) loud d) busy
  76. Taking the ____ medication is essential for treating illnesses. a) wrong b) expensive c) right d) old
  77. What should be done about illegal dangerous hard drugs? a) Promote their use b) Outright ban them c) Encourage their sale d) Ignore their presence
  78. It’s important to avoid ____ friends who might encourage drug use. a) good b) helpful c) bad d) wise
  79. ____ on healthy lifestyles can help prevent drug abuse. a) Listening b) Insisting c) Ignoring d) Forgetting
  80. Eating good, healthy meals helps keep the body ____. a) weak b) unhealthy c) strong d) tired
  81. Drug abuse can lead to __________ of memory. a) gain b) loss c) improvement d) stability
  82. _________ is a common effect of drug abuse, where someone may suddenly fall asleep. a) Restfulness b) Unconsciousness c) Awareness d) Vigilance
  83. Drug abuse can cause __________, making it difficult to sleep at night. a) Drowsiness b) Sleeplessness c) Alertness d) Fatigue
  84. Feeble limbs are when arms and legs feel ________ and can’t move properly due to drug abuse. a) strong b) weak c) flexible d) rigid
  85. Drug abuse can result in an ________ in heart rate, making the heart beat faster than usual. a) decrease b) stagnation c) increase d) irregularity
  86. Kidney problems can occur due to drug abuse, causing pain during __________. a) eating b) walking c) urination d) sleeping
  87. _________ is a common effect of drug abuse, where the blood pressure rises above normal levels. a) Low blood sugar b) High blood pressure c) Low blood pressure d) Stable blood pressure
  88. Chest pains can occur as a result of drug abuse, making it feel like something heavy is sitting on the ________. a) head b) chest c) stomach d) legs
  89. Lung pains can happen due to drug abuse, making it feel like you can’t _________ properly. a) see b) breathe c) walk d) talk
  90. Drug abuse can cause __________, leading to discomfort in the head. a) backache b) toothache c) headache d) stomachache
  91. Drug abuse means taking drugs __________ doctor advice.
    • a) with
    • b) without
    • c) before
    • d) after
  92. Drug abuse involves someone taking drugs without __________ the hospital.
    • a) visiting
    • b) cleaning
    • c) leaving
    • d) repairing
  93. Drug abusers often take clues from __________ and family.
    • a) strangers
    • b) doctors
    • c) friends
    • d) teachers
  94. Before taking any drugs, it’s important to visit a __________.
    • a) school
    • b) park
    • c) doctor
    • d) library
  95. Drug abuse is a dangerous and deadly guess that involves someone taking drugs without doing all the necessary __________.
    • a) tests
    • b) games
    • c) books
    • d) walks
  96. Excessive intake of alcohol is an example of __________.
    • a) safe behavior
    • b) drug abuse
    • c) healthy living
    • d) exercise
  97. Too much of salt consumption can be harmful to our __________.
    • a) eyes
    • b) hearts
    • c) feet
    • d) ears
  98. Drinking palm wine excessively can make us __________.
    • a) happy
    • b) sleepy
    • c) healthy
    • d) sick
  99. Smoking cigarette is a form of __________.
    • a) exercise
    • b) good habit
    • c) drug abuse
    • d) healthy living
  100. Smoking weed without a doctor’s advice is __________.
    • a) safe
    • b) dangerous
    • c) fun
    • d) healthy

Section B. Fill in the gaps questions

  1. List three types of religion
    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________
    • b.) What is religion? _____________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________________________
  3. List four examples of home appliances
    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________
    •  What is transportation? ________________________________________________________
  4. List three means / ways of transportation
    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________
  5. What is the full meaning of FRSC
    • ________________________________________________
  6.  What is savings?
    • ___________________________________________________________________________
  7. Give two examples of place we can keep our money
    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
  8. Write out four effects of drug abuse
    • _______________
    • _______________
    • _______________
    • _______________
  9. What are drugs?
    • _______________
  10. How many forms can drugs come in?
    • _______________
  11. Can you name two drugs in tablet form?
    • _______________
    • _______________
  12. What do we call drugs in liquid form?
    • _______________
  13. Why should we be careful with
    • _______________
  14. List three categories of drugs:
    • _______________
    • _______________
    • _______________
  15. What are drugs?
    • _______________
  16. How many forms can drugs come in?
    • _______________
    • _______________
    • _______________
  17. Can you name two drugs in tablet form?
    • _______________
    • _______________
  18. What do we call drugs in liquid form?
    • _______________
  19. Why should we be careful with drugs?
    • _______________





 Theory Questions:

Part C

  1. What are harmful substances?
  2. Give three examples of harmful substances.
  3. How can you prevent food poisoning?
  4. Why is it important to check expiry dates on canned foods?
  5. Name two places where you should be careful when eating out.
  6. What is drug abuse?
  7. Why is it important to prevent drug abuse?
  8. Name two ways to prevent drug abuse.
  9. What can you do if you need help with drug problems?
  10. Why is it important to avoid bad friends?
  11. What is drug abuse?
  12. Why is drug abuse dangerous?
  13. Can you give an example of drug abuse?
  14. What should you do before taking any drugs?
  15. Why is it important to seek medical advice?
  16. What are drugs.
  17. In how many forms do drugs exist
  18. Mention two drugs in tablet forms
  19. Who should give us drugs?
  20. What happens if we take too much medicine?
  21. How do capsules differ from tablets?
  22. What should we do if we’re not feeling well?
  23. Can you name one example of a drug in powder form?
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