SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2                                                                     SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES   NAME:…………………………………………………………………………………… 1.)   A ____ is a person from a country other than our country (a) foreigner (b) journey (c) school 2.)   A place where we buy and sell goods is _______ (a) market (b) office (c) church 3.)   The act of keeping money in the bank is called ________ (a) safety (b) saving (c) services 4.)   The people who come to visit famous places in our country are called _______ (a) foreigners (b) tourists (c) marriage 5.)   The head of primary school is ________ (a) headmistress/headmaster (b) rector (c) chancellor 6.)   The leader of our country is the __________ (a) governor (b) chairman (c) president 7.)   If we do not obey the law, we may be ____________ (a) rewarded (b) punished (c) happy 8.)   There are ___________ levels of government (a) 3 (b) 6 (c) 5 9.)   The _________ is a law enforcement agency in Nigeria (a) criminal (b) police (c) teacher 10.) The leader of our state is the _________ (a) chairman (b) governor (c) chancellor 11.) _________ are the things we use to provide items we need (a) water (b) resources (c) relaxer 12.) People who use their abilities to work and make money are called _______ (a) water resources (b) national resources (c) human resources 13.) Iron, limestone and cocoa are examples of ___________ (a) human resources (b) natural resources (c) raw materials 14.) ____________ are things that are still in their natural state (a) raw materials (b) finished products (c) money 15.) ____________ are created to protect us and other people (a) laws (b) communion (c) hospital 16.) ____________ is a means of moving around from place to place (a) technology (b) transportation (c) wisdom 17.) The fastest way to travel over a long distance is by ________ (a) car (b) canoe (c) aeroplane 18.) Canoes, boats and ships travel on the _________ (a) sea (b) river (c) land 19.) An _______________ is a device designed to perform a specific function for household use (a) appliance (b) generator (c) kettle   20.) It is good to play with electricity (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe   Section B 1.)   List three rules that helps to keep us safe   (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________                  2.)   List four examples of home appliances   (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________   3.)   What is transportation? ________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ b.) Name three means / ways of transportation   (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________              4.)   What is the full meaning of FRSC ________________________________________________ b.) What do they do? _____________________________________________________________ 5.)   What is savings? _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________        
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