First Term Primary 4 Examinations Agricultural Science

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First Term Primary 4


Class: Basic 4

Class: Agricultural Science

  1. The top layer of the earth crust is …………… [a] snow [b] topper [c] soil
  2. Which of the following is not an agent of soil formation [a] rain [b] environment [c] wind
  3. Annual crops complete their life cycle in …… [a] one year [b] two years [c] many years
  4. ……….. live in water [a] goat [b] fish [c] toad
  5. Animals that live on land are called……… [a] land animals [b] aquatic animal [c] terrestrial animals
  6. Animals that live in water are called ……… animals [a] aquatic [b] water [c] inside water animals
  7. Another names for farm animals are…… [a] domestic [b] livestock [c] reptiles
  8. The food that an animal brings back from his mouth is ……. [a] ruminant [b] wastage [c] none of the above
  9. The crops that complete their cycle in two years are called……. [a] biennial [b] perennial [c] monocot
  10. Monocotyledons plants have how many leaves…….. [a] 3 [b] 2 [c] 7


  1. Explain the meaning of ruminant animals
  2. Give three examples of ruminants animals.
  3. Explain the meaning of non ruminants animals
  4. Mention three examples of non ruminants animals.
  5. List 5 agents of soil formation
  6. Give three examples of grain and tuber crops.


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