Sample Questions On Odùduwà

Class 5 History Week 1 First Term
Sample Questions On Odùduwà1. Who founded the Yoruba Nation

Ans= Odùduwà founded the Yoruba Nation

2. Who was the father of Odùduwà

Ans= Lamurudu was the father of Odùduwà

3. Who was oduduwa’s eldest son

Ans= Ìkannú was Oduduwa’s eldest son

4. How many children did Okanbi have?

Ans= Hé Had seven children

5. Who was the eldest among the Okanbi children?

Ans= The oldest among the Okanbi’s children was a princess. She had a son who later became the Olowu of Owu

6. Which of the Okanbi’s children became the king of Benin?

Ans= The third child of Okanbi’s son became the king of Benin

7. Who was Oranmiyan?

Ans= Oranmiyan was the youngest grandchild of Odùduwà who became the founder and the first king of Oyo

8. Who are the people that were said to have formed the Yoruba Nation?

Ans= The seven children of Okanbi were said to form the Yoruba Nation

9. How did the first town of Ilé-Ifè begin?

Ans= it began when Odùduwà and his men fled from Mecca

10. Who is the present Ooni of Ilé-Ifè


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