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1.)   David was a small boy who killed _________ (a) satan (b) Goliath (c) Ramses (d) John


2.)   _________ is a prophetess and a judge in Israel (a) Ruth (b) Deborah (c) Esther (d) Mary


3.)   God used one of the following to save people (a) Samson (b) Daniel (c) Isaiah (d) Jacob


4.)   God created man in his own ______ (a) way (b) wisdom (c) picture (d) image



5.)   The willingness to forgive rather than punish is called ____ (a) mercy (b) unforgiveness (c) rudeness (d) kindness



6.)   God saved the children of Israel at the crossing of the ____ (a) ocean (b) river (c) red sea (d) road



7.)   What God use to feed five thousand people with _______ (a) manna (b) bread and fish (c) rice and stew



8.)   The story of the prodigal son is an example of God’s ____ (a) prudence (b) forgiveness (c) importance (d) hatred



9.)   God wants us to be _____________ to those who are unkind to us (a) cruel (b) kind (c) wicked (d) cheat



10.) The Holy Spirit guides us into the (a) food (b) lying (c) stealing (d) truth



11.) ____________ is the coming of the Holy Spirit in the apostles (a) fire (b) transformation (c) Pentecost (d) preaching



12.) The Holy Spirit helps us to ___________ one another (a) love (b) hate (c) judge (d) deceive



13.) Jesus had twelve ___________ (a) soldiers (b) disciples (c) sons (d) workers


14.) The only means we can talk to God is ______ (a) praises (b) clapping (c) singing (d) prayer



15.) The Egyptians and their chariots perished in the ____ sea (a) blue (b) green (c) red (d) yellow



16.) The Sabbath day is meant to be kept ______ (a) holy (b) dirty (c) unholy (d) busy



17.) God provided _______ and _______ for the Israelites in the desert (a) bread and butter (b) Manna and beans (c) Manna and quails (d) yam and quails


18.) Samson delivered the Israelites from the _______ (a) Canaanites (b) Philistines (c) Hausa (d) Judah



19.) Who did God save from death (a) Isaac (b) Mary (c) Abraham (d) Jacob



20.) The things that God provides for us are the following except ______ (a) air (b) trees (c) god health (d) trouble



        Section B



1.)   What is mercy? ______________________________________________________________________________   b.) Mention two ways God shows us mercy   (a) ________________________________           



  2.)   Who did God use to deliver Israelites from Egyptian bondage __________________________



3.)   David used a ________________ and a ______________ to kill Goliath



4.)   Who led the children of Israel to the promise land after the death of Moses _______________ b.) What is the work of a prophet




5.)   Mention two prophets in the Bible    (a) __________________________      (b) _____________________________              

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