CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                                        









Underline the word that does not belong to the group in each set


1.)   Boat                                  ship                                         car                                           canoe


2.)   rabbit                                man                                         hammer                                  monkey


3.)   chair                                 apple                                      table                                       bed


4.)   tilapia                               titus                                        fork                                         spoon


5.)   hammer                            hibiscus                                 lilly                                         spoon  



Example:      Lion is to lioness Wolf is to she-wolf  


6.)   Dog is to _______________________


7.)   Pig is to ________________________



8.)   Cock is to _______________________



9.)   Peacock is to _____________________



10.) Ram is to ______________________  


Search for the pair of words which are most opposite in meaning



  Example: Father and mother, absent and present  



11.)    here and there, weak and ___________________ (small, strong)



12.)    Clean and dirty, poor and ______________________ (fat, rich)



13.)    Singular and plural, fat and ____________________ (slow, thin)


14.)    better and worse, empty and __________________ (wild, full)



15.)    Fat and thin, open and _______________________ (lock, close)




Choose the correct conjunction to complete these sentences


Example:      Bola and Bimpe jumped high.                         It was dark when she came in.  



16.)    She said ____________________ it was too expensive (the,  that)



17.)    He waited _______________ it was noon (until,  or)



18.)    He is not fast ________________ she is (the,  as)



19.)    I am older _______________ him (that,  than)



20.)    I promised to follow him ______________ he paid me (what,  because)

Honey Monkey mouse

Fill in the blanks with suitable answers Example: The biscuit is as sweet as honey  

hammer razor book

21.)    It is as sharp as _____________

job A.B.C honey

22.)    The examination was as simple as _________________________

dog eve snail

23.)    She is as slow as a ________________

eel snow Solomon

24.)    She is as wise as _______________

snow house factory

25.)    Her teeth is as white as __________________     Example:      Allow is to allowance   Behave is to behaviour   26.)          Remember is to ______________________      (remembrance,  warmth)

27.)          Enter is to ________________________                       (entrance,  visitor)

28.)          Hate is to ______________________                 (just,   hatred) 29.)          Appear is to _______________________          (happy ,  appearance) 30.)          Able is to _______________________              (capable,   belief)

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