Mention two table manner rules.




CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                 


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1.)  All these are beverages except ____________ (a) cocoa (b) tea                  (c) corn flakes

2.)  Which of the following types of oil is not used for cooking ____________. (a) palm oil (b) groundnut oil (c) engine oil

3.)  Rice is a __________ food. (a) fried (b) baked (c) boiled

4.)  Food is necessary for ____________ (a) death (b) wealth (c) growth

5.)  The substance contained in food is called ___________. (a) nutrient                 (b) taste (c) meal

6.)  One main example of a stewed food is ___________ (a) soup (b) yam               (c) buns

7.)  Father is the head of the ___________. (a) land (b) buildings (c) family

8.)  The best source of water for laundry is ____________. (a) sea (b) ocean  (c) tap

9.)  ___________ is a group of people that are related by blood or by marriage. (a) Gang (b) Group (c) Family

10.)                     ___________ are daily pay or income. (a) Salaries (b) Wages                 (c) Savings

11.)                     ___________ are earned at the end of the month. (a) Salaries                   (b) Dividend (c) Contribution

12.)                     We can invest our money by buying ____________. (a) Shares               (b) Shoes (c) Shirts

13.)                     __________ are basic necessities. (a) Wants (b) Needs                              (c) Affordables

14.)                     Window shopping may lead to ___________ (a) impulsive buying (b) targeted buying (c) good rewards

15.)                     ___________ is used to beautify our bodies. (a) Eraser (b) Oil               (c) Cosmetics

16.)                     ___________ creams are not good for the  body. (a) Bleaching                (b) Smoothing (c) Oil base

17.)                     ___________ diet is a meal that contains all the classes of food in the right proportion. (a) Balanced  (b) All (c) Nice

18.)                     The last meal of the day is called ___________. (a) Balanced diet (b) Lunch (c) Dinner

19.)                     Food provides the body with the needed energy (a) Carbohydrate                (b) Protenous (c) Vitamin

20.)                     ____________ is the process of inter-locking two sets of yarns.               (a) Beading (b) Weaving (c) Inter locking  


1.)  Mention four sources of family income. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2a.) What is family? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2b.) Mention two members of extended family _______________________________    ______________________________

3.) Give four examples of Carbohydrate foods _______________________________    ______________________________ _______________________________    ______________________________

4.) What is balanced diet? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5.) Mention two table manner rules. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________        

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