Watch Food To Eat. We are what we eat.


By Dr Kayode Oseni

We will continue to have problems with what to eat or not eat for as long as we rely only on scientists or ‘nutritional experts’ to tell us what our bodies need.
We all need to remember that each one of us is blessed with a unique blood radiation,and it is each one’s blood radiation that determines what exactly the body should be fed with.
It is true that everything in Creation is good for a purpose,but not everything is good for everyone.

For example,groundnut is good,but not for everyone.

Raw cocoa is very nourishing but it raises my own blood pressure.

Okra is fantastic,but it purges some.

Coffee is refreshing but it makes some nervous.

Eba and cassava products are good ,but gives some diabetes.

And when the ‘experts’ started the craze for wheat as the best alternative to eba for those with diabetes in the early 80’s everyone applauded them,and wheat became the best ‘swallow’ on earth.Some were even preparing and taking wheat as pap.


My father was diagnosed with prediabetes in the 80’s.Experts told him to shift to wheat.And he did.By early 90’s his condition became full blown diabetes.


And then came myriad of diabetic medications,with their many side effects.Meanwhile, the wheat affair continued.By the mid of  the 90’s,my father not only had full blown diabetes,but also had a blood pressure that was over the skies!
By the early 2000’s,after he had suffered his third stroke the medical experts now said his problem was old age and that he should be taken home to die!


And he nearly died!!


But a voice within me kept telling me that his time wasn’t up yet.I went to take him from his house in Lagos and brought him to my home in Abeokuta.


I stopped him from taking all orthodox medications,and I banned wheat from his diet.


When I brought him he could not talk, couldn’t eat any solid food, couldn’t sit and couldn’t walk.He was on urinary bag and wore diapers 24/7.


I started him on only fruits and vegetables as smoothies ,with lots of ginger, garlic and honey,etc.


After 6 weeks,he started talking,got walking about with a walking stick.Both the urinary bag and diaspers were thrown away.


He later told me:
“If I have my way I will tell everyone never to eat wheat again!”


My father enjoyed good health for a few good while more before eventually passing on, on his reclining bed,on his balcony, in his house,after lunch on one beautiful Sunday afternoon.


Let each one study himself to understand which foods are best for him/her.


Always check to see how a particular food affects your vibration: does it make you feel lighter or heavier,does it disturb your sleep,does it disturb your normal bowel movements ?


These are some of the observations each of us need to be making about our foods.


And when we have identified those foods that are best for us,then we should make them our medicines.

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