Three Centres for school development and enrollment expansion

Based on my personal experiences as a teacher for so many years, I, have come to this frank realization why most schools, despite the high level of financial commitments and moral supports from most proprietors or owners of school, such schools do not have any meaningful growth and expansion.

The reasons are not far fetched and these reasons are personally tagged by me as the Three Centres For School Development and Enrollment Expansion
1. CHILD CENTERED ACTIVITIES :  Most schools lack facilities that will entice and motivate students to always willing and interested in learning more and more. Learning has become a tug of war between students and teachers with teaching continuously begging pupils to pay attention when some of them do not actually have the right stuff and materials to buy the pupils attention.
2. PARENTS CENTRED ACTIVITIES : There is this popular wise quote that says that “he that pays the piper dictates the tune” and this is relatively true to almost all profession or vocation. Am not saying that teachers should compromise principles or standards but all trying to say is that{ listen to your parents} as in the parents of pupils that are in your schools. Their complains, complements and suggestions are great feedbacks which when properly treated can stimulate and motivate more parents to invite more pupils and other parents to your school thereby expanding enrollment number of your school.
3.  STAFF CENTRED ACTIVITIES : Even up till now I don’t know why is it that staff welfare is a no go area for discussion between management of any schools and members of staff of such school. Teaching is spiritual and emotional…..
Just like nursing… If you don’t have passion for such job, am telling you that one will eventually be frustrated out of it. Now tell me why a teacher that is emotionally attached to the general well being of a child should not be taken good care of. I laugh when most school owners do face-lift of their schools by laying tiles or painting the walls of their school without really discussing their staff welfare.
I laugh 😂 😂 😂. Walls and tiles don’t make up a good school but the humans… When you have distributed enough flyers all over the whole places and you have done a lot of radio jingles but alas only for new parents and pupils to  come and meet teachers that are resentful, unappreciated, unapproachable or just frustrated because their needs,  demands or wants are not meet.
They will soon frustrate other people too. And when parents are frustrated they will soon leave your school.. And remember evil with words of mouth spread like wild fire.
Treat your staff well. 

Three Centres for school development and enrollment expansion

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