Review and Revision Test Hausa Primary 2 First Term Lesson Notes Week 11 and 12

Hausa Primary 2 Lesson Plan

Subject: Hausa

Class: Primary 2

Term: First Term

Week: 11-12 (Review and Revision Test)

Age: 7 years

Topics Covered in First Term:

  1. SHA
  2. BITA
  3. DAYA
  4. SHA
  5. BIYU

Review and Revision Test


  1. SHA ya fadi ___. (a) BITA (b) DAYA (c) BIYU (d) GOMA
  2. BITA shine al’umma na ___. (a) ɗaya (b) biyu (c) takwas (d) hudu
  3. DAYA ya fadi ___. (a) biyu (b) goma (c) rashi (d) talla
  4. SHA ya kasance goma na ___. (a) biyu (b) takwas (c) hudu (d) goma
  5. BIYU ya fadi ___. (a) goma (b) biyu (c) takwas (d) talla

Class Activity Discussion 

  1. Q: Me ma’ana SHA? A: SHA shine al’umma na farko.
  2. Q: Me ma’ana BITA? A: BITA shine al’umma na biyu.
  3. Q: Me ma’ana DAYA? A: DAYA shine al’umma na uku.
  4. Q: Me ma’ana SHA a hagu? A: SHA ya kasance goma na biyu.
  5. Q: Me ma’ana BIYU? A: BIYU shine al’umma na biyu na ɗaya.


  1. Me ma’ana SHA a Hausa?
  2. Me ma’ana BITA a Hausa?
  3. Me ma’ana DAYA a Hausa?
  4. Wane suna amfani da SHA a harshe?
  5. Wane suna amfani da BITA?
  6. Me amfanin DAYA?
  7. Me ma’ana SHA na goma?
  8. Me amfanin BIYU?
  9. Me ma’ana SHA da BITA?
  10. Me ma’ana DAYA da BIYU?

True or False Questions:

  1. SHA shine al’umma na farko. (True/False)
  2. BITA shine al’umma na uku. (True/False)
  3. DAYA shine al’umma na hudu. (True/False)
  4. SHA ya kasance goma na biyu. (True/False)
  5. BIYU shine al’umma na biyu na ɗaya. (True/False)

Assessment Method:

  • Fill-in-the-Blank Questions: Test understanding of key terms and concepts.
  • FAQs: Ensure comprehension through common questions and answers.
  • Simple Short Answer Questions: Assess ability to explain topics briefly.
  • True or False Questions: Evaluate knowledge of factual statements related to the topics.


  • Review the answers with the students to reinforce learning.
  • Provide feedback on areas where students may need additional practice.
  • Encourage students to continue practicing Hausa language skills.

This lesson plan should help in conducting a comprehensive review and revision test covering all topics taught in the first term.