Revision Basic Science Primary 2 Third Term Lesson Notes Week 11

Subject: Basic Science

Class: Primary 2

Term: Third Term

Week: 11

Topic: Review of previous lessons

Sub-topic:Answer the following questions

  1. What is energy?
  2. What does light energy help us do?
  3. Where do we get heat energy from?
  4. How do we use sound energy?
  5. What type of energy powers our lights?
  6. What sound does a dog make?
  7. What sound does a bell make?
  8. Name an instrument that makes a whistling sound.
  9. What sound does a cat make?
  10. What instrument makes a thumping sound?
  11. What colour is the sky on a clear day?
  12. What colour is a ripe banana?
  13. What colour is an apple?
  14. Name a fruit that is orange.
  15. What colour is grass?
  16. What is air?
  17. Can we see air?
  18. What is the most important gas in air for us to breathe?
  19. What gas do plants use from the air?
  20. How does wind feel?
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