Third Term Mid Term Test Basic Science Primary 2 Third Term Lesson Notes Week 7

Subject: Basic Science

Class: Primary 2

Term: Third Term

Week: 7

Topic: Mid Term Test Third Term Lesson Notes Week 7

Sub-topic: Answer the following questions

Duration: 60 minutes


Answer the following questions

  1. Energy is the power that makes things ______. a. stop b. move c. sleep d. stay still
  2. We use ______ energy to see in the dark. a. sound b. heat c. light d. water
  3. The sun gives us ______ energy. a. sound b. light c. mechanical d. wind
  4. We use ______ energy to cook our food. a. heat b. sound c. light d. wind
  5. Sound energy helps us ______. a. taste b. hear c. smell d. touch
  6. We use ______ energy to watch TV. a. mechanical b. heat c. electrical d. light
  7. Mechanical energy is found in ______. a. cars b. water c. plants d. lights
  8. Light bulbs give us ______ energy. a. heat b. light c. sound d. wind
  9. We use ______ energy to power our appliances. a. mechanical b. sound c. heat d. electrical
  10. Heat energy helps us stay ______. a. warm b. still c. wet d. quiet
  11. A dog makes a ______ sound. a. chirping b. barking c. mooing d. buzzing
  12. A cat makes a ______ sound. a. whistling b. mooing c. meowing d. clucking
  13. A drum makes a ______ sound. a. ringing b. thumping c. mooing d. buzzing
  14. A flute makes a ______ sound. a. clicking b. beeping c. chirping d. whistling
  15. Birds make a ______ sound. a. mooing b. chirping c. meowing d. buzzing
  16. A bell makes a ______ sound. a. clapping b. ringing c. mooing d. clucking
  17. Tapping two sticks together makes a ______ sound. a. strumming b. buzzing c. clicking d. mooing
  18. A shekere is a local instrument that makes a ______ sound. a. ringing b. thumping c. rattling d. mooing
  19. A guitar makes a ______ sound. a. strumming b. chirping c. mooing d. buzzing
  20. A talking drum can ______ its sound. a. lose b. ignore c. change d. keep
  21. The sky is ______. a. yellow b. green c. blue d. red
  22. A banana is ______ when ripe. a. purple b. yellow c. blue d. black
  23. Leaves are usually ______. a. pink b. white c. green d. orange
  24. An apple can be ______, green, or yellow. a. blue b. red c. black d. purple
  25. A fire truck is ______. a. green b. blue c. red d. white
  26. An orange is ______. a. red b. yellow c. orange d. purple
  27. The sun is ______. a. blue b. yellow c. green d. purple
  28. Flowers can be many colours like pink, ______, and yellow. a. brown b. white c. black d. purple
  29. Houses can be painted in many colours like white, blue, or ______. a. green b. black c. red d. yellow
  30. Traffic lights use three colours: red, yellow, and ______. a. black b. white c. green d. blue
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