Review Physical and Health Education Primary 2 Third Term Lesson Notes Week 11

Subject: Physical and Health Education

Class: Primary 2

Term: Third Term

Week: 11

Topic: Review

Answer the following questions

Part A Objective

  1. Clean water helps us stay ______. a) tired b) healthy c) bored d) hungry
  2. You can use a filter to remove ______ from water. a) toys b) dirt c) clothes d) clouds
  3. Putting a water tablet in water makes it ______ to drink. a) dirty b) hard c) safe d) hot
  4. To purify water, we can use solar ______. a) fire b) food c) wind d) energy
  5. When you boil water, watch for ______ to make sure it is boiling. a) bubbles b) ice c) smoke d) water
  6. Which method of water purification uses heat? a) freezing b) boiling c) filtering d) solar disinfection
  7. What does filtering remove from water? a) air b) dirt c) music d) leaves
  8. Drinking clean water keeps us ______. a) happy b) healthy c) asleep d) upset
  9. Which method uses a special tablet? a) solar disinfection b) filtering c) water tablets d) boiling
  10. Why do we purify water? a) to keep it cold b) to make it bubbly c) to make it colorful d) to make it safe to drink
  11. Solar disinfection kills ______ in water. a) plants b) fish c) dirt d) germs
  12. Boiling water makes it safe to ______. a) drink b) see c) play with d) walk on
  13. Filtering water helps to remove ______ things. a) heavy b) light c) dirty d) loud
  14. What do water tablets do to water? a) turn it blue b) make it clean c) turn it hard d) make it sweet
  15. Why should we purify water? a) So it tastes good b) So it is clear c) So it is warm d) So it is safe to drink
  16. We feel ______ after good rest and sleep. a) hungry b) upset c) tired d) refreshed
  17. What helps us sleep well? a) sleeping with lights on b) sleeping in a dark room c) sleeping outside d) sleeping with loud music
  18. When is the best time to sleep? a) after breakfast b) after lunch c) at night d) in the morning
  19. What is one way to relax before bed? a) running b) reading a book c) jumping d) singing loudly
  20. Proper rest and sleep keep us ______ and healthy. a) strong b) sad c) angry d) sick

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Part B Theory

  1. What do you do if someone has a sprained ankle?
  2. How do you treat an insect bite?
  3. What should you do if someone is choking?
  4. How can you help someone with a head injury?
  5. What do you do if someone is poisoned?
  6. What is first aid?
  7. How do you treat a cut?
  8. How do you treat a burn?
  9. What should you do if your nose starts to bleed?
  10. How do you treat a scrape?
  11. What is rest?
  12. What is sleep?
  13. Why do we need rest and sleep?
  14. How many hours should you sleep each night?
  15. When should you rest during the day?

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