Examination Physical and Health Education Primary 2 Third Term Lesson Notes Week 12

Subject: Physical and Health Education

Class: Primary 2

Term: Third Term

Week: 12

Topic: Third Term Examinations Primary 2 Physical and Health Education

Answer the following questions

Part A Objective

  1. We can purify water by ______ it. a) freezing b) washing c) boiling d) covering
  2. Boiling water kills ______. a) toys b) germs c) plants d) colors
  3. To filter water, use a ______ cloth. a) dirty b) wet c) torn d) clean
  4. Water tablets help to kill ______ in water. a) stones b) sand c) germs d) fish
  5. When you put water in the sun, it uses ______ disinfection. a) solar b) wind c) ice d) rain
  6. Water is safe to drink when it is ______. a) cold b) clean c) hot d) sweet
  7. Solar disinfection needs a clear ______ bottle. a) glass b) green c) metal d) brown
  8. You should boil water for at least ______ minutes. a) 5 b) 20 c) 30 d) 60
  9. A water filter can remove ______ from water. a) stars b) sugar c) sand d) leaves
  10. Using a water tablet makes water ______. a) blue b) fresh c) wet d) salty
  11. Clean water helps us stay ______. a) tired b) healthy c) bored d) hungry
  12. You can use a filter to remove ______ from water. a) toys b) dirt c) clothes d) clouds
  13. Putting a water tablet in water makes it ______ to drink. a) dirty b) hard c) safe d) hot
  14. To purify water, we can use solar ______. a) fire b) food c) wind d) energy
  15. When you boil water, watch for ______ to make sure it is boiling. a) bubbles b) ice c) smoke d) water
  16. We purify water at home by ______ it. a) drinking b) freezing c) boiling d) hiding
  17. Boiling water kills ______. a) toys b) germs c) grass d) books
  18. Filtering water removes ______ from it. a) stones b) dirt c) air d) music
  19. We use ______ to filter water. a) our hands b) a clean cloth c) a stick d) a hat
  20. Water tablets help make water ______ to drink. a) colorful b) fresh c) safe d) thick
  21. Solar disinfection uses ______ to clean water. a) the sun b) the moon c) rain d) wind
  22. Solar disinfection takes about ______. a) 1 day b) 6 hours c) 2 weeks d) 5 minutes
  23. A clear ______ bottle is used for solar disinfection. a) blue b) green c) plastic d) glass
  24. We can use a clean cloth to ______ water. a) filter b) cool c) splash d) taste
  25. Boiling water is a way to ______ water. a) color b) hide c) purify d) touch
  26. Solar disinfection kills ______ in water. a) plants b) fish c) dirt d) germs
  27. Boiling water makes it safe to ______. a) drink b) see c) play with d) walk on
  28. Filtering water helps to remove ______ things. a) heavy b) light c) dirty d) loud
  29. What do water tablets do to water? a) turn it blue b) make it clean c) turn it hard d) make it sweet
  30. Why should we purify water? a) So it tastes good b) So it is clear c) So it is warm d) So it is safe to drink
  31. A cut is treated by washing it with ______ water. a) dirty b) clean c) salty d) cold
  32. After washing a cut, you should put a ______ on it. a) rock b) leaf c) bandage d) stick
  33. If you burn your skin, you should run ______ water over it. a) cold b) hot c) dirty d) soapy
  34. After cooling a burn, cover it with a ______ cloth. a) clean b) dirty c) wet d) messy
  35. A scrape is treated by washing it with ______ water. a) dirty b) cold c) clean d) soapy
  36. When your nose bleeds, you should pinch your ______. a) arm b) leg c) nose d) ear
  37. To stop a nosebleed, you should lean your head ______. a) back b) forward c) to the side d) in circles
  38. When you get a bee sting, you should put ______ on the sting. a) sugar b) ice c) dirt d) water
  39. To remove a splinter, use ______ to gently take it out. a) fingers b) spoon c) tweezers d) a book
  40. For a twisted ankle, you should put ______ on it. a) ice b) sand c) hot water d) leaves
  41. A bruise is treated by putting ______ on it. a) soap b) ice c) dirt d) salt
  42. If you get something in your eye, you should rinse it with ______. a) sand b) salt c) water d) air
  43. When someone is choking, you should call for ______. a) an adult b) a child c) a dog d) yourself
  44. If someone faints, you should lay them ______. a) sitting b) standing c) down d) running
  45. First aid is the help you give someone who is ______. a) hungry b) scared c) hurt d) playing
  46. If you have a toothache, you can rinse your mouth with ______ water.
    • a) cold
    • b) warm
    • c) hot
    • d) dirty
  47. When someone falls and cannot move, you should ______.
    • a) ask them to stand up
    • b) call for help
    • c) push them
    • d) tickle them
  48. A sprain is treated by resting the area and applying ______.
    • a) dirt
    • b) ice
    • c) hot water
    • d) sugar
  49. An insect bite can be treated by washing with ______ and water.
    • a) honey
    • b) salt
    • c) soap
    • d) flour
  50. A head injury may require you to put ______ on the bump.
    • a) ice
    • b) warm cloth
    • c) a hat
    • d) a leaf
  51. If someone is choking, you should call for ______.
    • a) water
    • b) an adult
    • c) a child
    • d) a toy
  52. Allergic reactions may cause ______.
    • a) laughter
    • b) happiness
    • c) itching
    • d) running
  53. If someone is having an allergic reaction, you should ______.
    • a) give them more of what they are allergic to
    • b) call for help right away
    • c) ignore it
    • d) tell them a joke
  54. When someone is poisoned, you should call for ______.
    • a) help
    • b) more poison
    • c) an animal
    • d) food
  55. If you touch something hot and get burned, you should run ______ water over it.
    • a) dirty
    • b) cold
    • c) hot
    • d) salty
  56. For a bee sting, you should put ______ on it.
    • a) salt
    • b) cold water
    • c) ice
    • d) a hot cloth
  57. If you have a bruise, you can use ______ to help the swelling.
    • a) ice
    • b) hot water
    • c) a blanket
    • d) a fan
  58. When someone gets an electric shock, you should move them away from the ______.
    • a) pillow
    • b) electricity
    • c) bed
    • d) couch
  59. If you have a cut, you should wash it with clean ______.
    • a) water
    • b) juice
    • c) milk
    • d) honey
  60. You can treat an insect bite by putting ______ on it.
    • a) mud
    • b) soap
    • c) cold water
    • d) ice

Write In words Pry 2 Exams Mathematics

Part B Theory

  1. What does it mean to purify water?
  2. Name one way to purify water.
  3. How does boiling water clean it?
  4. How do water tablets work?
  5. How long should you boil water?
  6. What is filtering water?
  7. What do you use to filter water?
  8. How long does water need to be in the sun for solar disinfection?
  9. Why is clean water important?
  10. What happens if we drink dirty water?
  11. What is rest?
  12. What is sleep?
  13. Why do we need rest and sleep?
  14. How many hours should you sleep each night?
  15. When should you rest during the day?
  16. What do you do before going to bed?
  17. How do you know when it is time to rest?
  18. Why is a quiet room good for sleeping?
  19. What should you avoid before bed?
  20. How does rest help you feel better?
  21. What is first aid?
  22. How do you treat a cut?
  23. How do you treat a burn?
  24. What should you do if your nose starts to bleed?
  25. How do you treat a scrape?
  26. What should you do if someone is stung by a bee?
  27. What do you need to apply to a cut?
  28. Why is it important to wash a wound?
  29. How can you keep a burn clean?
  30. What should you do if someone faints?

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