Civic Education First Term Examination Primary 3

Civic Education
First Term Examination
Primary 3
Part A

1. Civic education teaches us to be __________ citizens.
a) Good
b) Happy
c) Funny
d) Blue

2. Our rights and _________ make us responsible citizens.
a) Duties
b) Bananas
c) Clouds
d) Tigers

3. The police help to maintain ________ in our community.
a) Peace
b) Pizza
c) Robots
d) Stars

4. A family is a group of people who ________ together.
a) Live
b) Dance
c) Sing
d) Jump

5. In an extended family, we have many _________ and uncles.
a) Aunts
b) Dogs
c) Cars
d) Fish

6. Marriage is when two people become ________ and wife.
a) Husband
b) Doctor
c) Elephant
d) Teacher

7. Security agencies like the police and army keep us __________.
a) Safe
b) Hungry
c) Tired
d) Purple

8. Drugs are substances that can have _________ effects on our body.
a) Harmful
b) Delicious
c) Funny
d) Yellow

9. When we use drugs in the wrong way, it’s called ________.
a) Drug abuse
b) Candy
c) Sunshine
d) Rainbows

10. Our ___________ teaches us to be good citizens.
a) Civic education
b) Ice cream
c) Superheroes
d) Bicycles

11. One of our ________ is to obey our parents.
a) Duties
b) Toys
c) Raindrops
d) Rockets

12. The fire service helps to put out ________.
a) Fires
b) Ice cream
c) Butterflies
d) Music

13. In a nuclear family, there are parents and __________.
a) Children
b) Mountains
c) Dinosaurs
d) Computers

14. Marriage helps to create a loving and _________ family.
a) Caring
b) Jellyfish
c) Rockets
d) Computers

15. The road safety corps helps us to stay safe on the ________.
a) Road
b) Moon
c) Rainforest
d) Stars

16. Drugs can be found in many forms, such as pills, liquids, and ________.
a) Tablets
b) Balloons
c) Rainbows
d) Volcanoes

17. One effect of drug abuse is that it can harm our ________.
a) Health
b) Pencils
c) Ice cream
d) Dolphins

18. Civic education teaches us about our rights and ________.
a) Duties
b) Candy
c) Computers
d) Trains

19. The army helps to protect our ________ from enemies.
a) Country
b) Toys
c) Dolphins
d) Rainbows

20. In a nuclear family, there are usually ________ children.
a) Fewer
b) Tigers
c) Butterflies
d) Elephants

21. Civic education helps us learn how to be good __________.
a) Citizens
b) Pirates
c) Astronauts
d) Snakes

22. The police keep our streets ________ from crime.
a) Safe
b) Musical
c) Sparkling
d) Brown

23. An extended family includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, and _______.
a) Cousins
b) Elephants
c) Rockets
d) Rainbows

24. Marriage can be a loving bond between a man and a _______.
a) Woman
b) Giraffe
c) Rainbow
d) Cloud

25. Security agencies like the navy protect our ________.
a) Waterways
b) Ice cream
c) Dinosaurs
d) Skies

26. Drugs can make us feel _______ or dizzy.
a) Confused
b) Hungry
c) Magical
d) Orange

27. Drug abuse can lead to _________ problems.
a) Health
b) Toy
c) Rain
d) Stars

28. Civic education teaches us to respect our _________.
a) Elders
b) Robots
c) Ice cream
d) Tigers

29. The army helps to defend our ________ from outside threats.
a) Country
b) Fish
c) Computers
d) Moon

30. It’s important to say “no” to drugs to keep our bodies ________.
a) Healthy
b) Balloons
c) Happy
d) Green

Part B

1. What is Civic Education .

2. List two examples of civic rights.

3. Write out two roles of the police in keeping our community safe.

4. Define “family”

5. What is an extended family.

6. What does it mean when a man and a woman get married?

7. Name two types of security agencies in Nigeria and mention one duty of each.

8. What are drugs, and why should we be careful with them?

9. Give one effect of drug abuse on our health.

10. Why is it important to respect our elders, as taught in civic education?



Part C

1. What does civic education teach us about being good citizens?
a) How to bake
b) How to sing
c) How to read
d) How to be responsible

2. Give one example of a civic duty.
a) Eating candy
b) Going to school
c) Playing games
d) Watching TV

3. What is the role of the police in our community?
a) Making ice cream
b) Maintaining peace
c) Playing music
d) Growing flowers

4. How can you describe a family?
a) A group of animals
b) A group of people who live together
c) A type of food
d) A type of car

5. Name one type of family that includes grandparents and cousins.
a) Nuclear family
b) Extended family
c) Ice cream family
d) Robot family

6. What happens when a man and a woman get married?
a) They start a new job
b) They become friends
c) They become husband and wife
d) They go on a vacation

7. Which agency helps to keep our country safe from outside threats?
a) Firefighters
b) Army
c) Musicians
d) Farmers

8. What are drugs, and why should we be careful with them?
a) Delicious snacks
b) Substances that can harm us
c) Toys for playing
d) Things for building houses

9. Give one effect of drug abuse on our health.
a) Making us laugh
b) Making us smarter
c) Harming our body
d) Giving us superpowers

10. Civic education teaches us to respect our __________.
a) Elders
b) Ice cream
c) Toys
d) Computers





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