Primary 2 Third Term Security Education Lesson Notes

Primary 2 Third Term Lesson Notes

Security Education

Weekly Topics

  1. Revision of second term’s work
  2. Duties of security Agencies : Police
  3. Duties of security Agencies : FRSC and LASTMA
  4. Duties of NAFDAC and NDLEA
  5. Duties of the Nigeria Armed Forces : Army, Navy and Airforce
  6. Duties of Nigerian Prison Service
  7. Third Term Mid Term Test Primary 2 Security Education
  8. Duties of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps
  9. Duties of Security Agencies : Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC)
  10. Duties of Security Agencies : Other Security Agents eg KAI (Kick Against Indiscipline)
  11. Revision Third Term Primary 2 Security Education
  12. Third Term Examinations Primary 2 Security Education
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