Primary 1 Third Term Security Education Mid Term Test

Primary 1 Third Term Lesson Notes

Security Education

Week 7


Mid Term Test /Break Security Education Primary 1 Third Term



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Answer the following questions :

  1. A drug is a substance that has a physiological effect when introduced into the __________. a) air b) water c) body
  2. Fake drugs are produced and sold to deceive people into thinking that they are __________. a) buying genuine medicines b) buying rare medicines c) buying discounted medicines
  3. The dangers of taking fake drugs include worsening of the __________ being treated. a) condition b) age c) mood
  4. Fake drugs can cause __________ health problems or side effects. a) old b) new c) rare
  5. Taking fake drugs can contribute to the development of __________ resistance. a) drug b) food c) water
  6. In severe cases, taking fake drugs can lead to __________. a) joy b) sadness c) death
  7. Fake drugs may contain __________ substances that can be harmful to the body. a) natural b) active c) safe
  8. To avoid taking fake drugs, it is important to buy medication from licensed __________. a) restaurants b) shops c) pharmacies
  9. Before buying medication, it is important to check the packaging and __________. a) color of the medication b) flavor of the medication c) expiration date
  10. If you suspect you have taken a fake drug, it is important to report it to a __________ professional. a) legal b) security c) Healthcare
  11. Taking fake drugs can compromise your __________ and health. a) joy b) life c) wealth
  12. Fake drugs may not contain the right amount of __________ needed to treat a particular condition. a) harmful substances b) active ingredients c) natural substances
  13. Fake drugs can cause __________ health problems or side effects. a) fewer b) new c) rare
  14. Drug resistance makes it difficult to treat diseases in the __________. a) present b) future c) past
  15. Genuine and fake drugs can be identified by their __________, color, and size. a) taste b) shape c) smell
  16. Buying medication from a licensed pharmacy and consulting a healthcare professional can help prevent the intake of __________ drugs. a) genuine b) rare c) fake
  17. Fake drugs can __________ the condition being treated. a) improve b) worsen c) have no effect on
  18. The dangers of taking fake drugs include __________ and drug resistance. a) improvement b) worsening c) no effect on the body
  19. If you find a fake drug being sold, it is important to __________ it to relevant authorities. a) buy b) report c) ignore
  20. Taking fake drugs can lead to __________, so it is important to be cautious and vigilant. a) happiness b) sadness c) death