Cultural and Creative Arts JSS 3 First Term Lesson Notes


Weekly Lesson Plan With Lesson Notes

JS 3 (BASIC 9)




  1. Revision of JSS two work. JSS 2 Revision TEST Cultural And Creative Art 
  2. Elements of Dance Drama (a) Elements of Dance Drama:- (i) Plot (ii)Characterization (iii)Spectacle (iv) Music (v)Sound (vi) Action (vii) Dance (viii) Setting.
  3.  TRADITIONAL NIGERIAN ART: (a) Examples of Nigerian Traditional Art:-Nok, Igbo  Ukwu,  Ife,  (b) Areas in Nigeria Associated with traditional Art works:-  Benin, Tsoede,  Esie,  Ibeji, Mbari, Ibibio, Leather, Calabash, Pottery,Brass, (c) Functions of Nigerian Traditional Art (d) Reasons for preserving Art.
  4.  NIGERIA CONTEMPORARY ART AND ARTISTS (a) Nigerian Contemporary Arts. (b) Contributions of First Generation artists: Aina  Onabolu, Akinola  Lasekan, Ben Enweonwu, Mrs Esto –Ngudaga Ugwu,Felix Ekeada, Ladi Kwali, Bruce Onobrakpeya , Yusuf Grillo ,Denas Nwoko, Ben Ekanem, Ogbnnaya  Nwagbara , Ganiyi Oguntokun Jerry Buhari , Lamidi Fakeye , Obiora Odechukwu, Lucas Bentu
  5.  DRAWING AND SHADING. (STILL-LIFE AND NATURE DRAWING).  – life and nature) : (a) Drawing of man- made objects . (b)Using the elements and principles of art in drawing (proportion ,balance ,and forms)
  6. Natural objects: Plants, Animals, Fruits and vegetables Shading Techniques: Hatching, Cross hatching, Blurring (rubbing), pointillism : (c) Natural  objects – Plant , Animals, Fruit ,Vegetable ,(d) Shading techniques : Hatching ,Cross hatching , Blurring (Rubbing) ,Pointillism (e) Light and Shade. 
  7.  Techniques of life drawing, study the model, study form and shapes, measuring, composition of figure on paper proportion. ( life – figure) : (a) The human figure (b) Techniques of drawing studying the model –study forms and shapes, Measuring ,Compostion of figure on paper proportion . (c) Viewing: Front view, Back view, ¾ View
  8.  PRINCIPLES OF PERSPECTIVE  Drawing and Painting (Landscape ) and imaginative Composition:(a) Perspective: Arrangement of object to create depth and distance .Nearer objects appear bigger and clearer- distant objects appear smaller and less clearer. (b) Types of perspective . Aerial perspective 
  9.   DRAWING AND PAINTING OF LANDSCAPE  Drawing and Painting (Landscape) and imaginative Composition :(c) Term associated with perspective- Vanishing point ,Picture plane ,Horizion ,eye level, etc. (d) Drawing painting of landscapes .(e) Imaginative composition  in colour- market  scene , festivals in my School , Abstract.
  10.    Examinations JSS 3 CREATIVE AND CULTURAL ART  .

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