CLASS:                  JSS 3

SUBJECT:                             P.H.E


  1. Gymnastics originated in ______(a) Rome (b) Spain (c) Greece (d) France
  2. Taekwondo is a ______National sport (a) Korean (b) Chinese (c) Japanese (d) Taiwan
  3. A skeleton contain a softer `tissue called ______(a) Bondage (b) Cartilage (c) Outage (d) Tillage
  4. A______is a point where two or more bones meet. (a) Melt (b) sock 9c) joint (d) Ligams
  5. One of these does not belong to the classes of food (a) protein (b) water (c) hemoglobin (c) carbohydrates
  6. The agents causing diseases are called __________(a) pathogens (b) Calorie (c) Fluid (d) Fluoride
  7. ______is the hardening of the bone (a) Compact (b) Axial (c) Marrow (d) Ossification
  8. Carbohydrates are made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and _____(a) Oxygen (b) Nitrogen (c) Calcium (d) Sulphur
  9. The study of diseases is known as _____(a) worm (b) Pathogens (c) dent (d) Zika
  10. _______is the name of the bone that protects the brain (a) hinge (b) skull (c_) pivot (d) saddle
  11. A sport event that an athlete does alone not as part of a team ….. [a] poor event [b] swim event [c] field event [d] none of the above.
  12. A ……. Is thrown in shot put by contestants [a] heavy metal [b] heavy metal ball [c] heavy metal stone [d] none of the above.
  13. Javelin is held at the ……………. [a] grip [b] hand [c] head [d] center
  14. Pentathlon and decathlon are the same [a] yes [b] no [c] A and B [c] none of the above
  15. …….. is a field event played between two teams comprising eleven players each [a] table tennis [b] hockey [c] football [d] relay race
  16. Female genital mutilation is usually carried out using a …………….. [a] cutlass [b] shovel [c] rake [d] blade
  17. Every member of the family has a role to play within the family [a]true [b] false [c] a and b [c] none of the above
  18. Menstruation occurs in ………. [a] female [b] male [c] adults [d] kids
  19. Ovulation is the monthly release of egg by the ovary [a] true [b] false [c] a and b [d] none of the above
  20. Good conflict management cannot change family life [a] yes [b] no



  1. What is a pentathlon?
  2. What is the name of the competition that is mainly for women
  3. List three Nigerians sport heroes
  4. List three careers in PHE
  5. What is a Skeleton?
  6. State any two functions of bones in the body.
  7. Define Drug Abuse
  8. State two dangers of Drug Abuse
  9. What is nutrition?
  10. Mention three types of food before sport competition
  11. List any fire disease causative agents.
  12. Define body conditioning.
  13. List five body conditioning activities.
  14. Enumerate five factors that influence
  15. What is folk dance?
  16. Mention three foreign dances?
  17. Mention one example each of Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo folk dance.
  18. List five types of computer games.
  19. Enumerate five values of computer games.
  20. State 5 basic requirements/qualities of a good Pole Vaulter.
  21. Itemize in order the six phases of Pole Vaulting.
  22. Mention four features of the crossbar in Pole Vault.
  23. Briefly trace the origin of taekwondo in Nigeria.
  24. State five (5) importance of taekwondo.
  25. Highlight five (5) rules and regulations of taekwondo.
  26. List three officials in taekwondo and their function
  27. Give a brief history of boxing.
  28. Mention five skills in boxing.
  29. State five rules and regulations of boxing.
  30. Define contact and non-contact games.
  31. List five (5) basic techniques in taekwondo.