Study Questions     (objectives)

  1. Integrity means …(a) good sense of belonging (b) a good boy (c) a sense of strong moral standard about life and situation (d) To be physically strong.
  2. One of the attributes of integrity is : (a) contentment (b) acceptance (c) allowance (d) fighting skills
  3. The need to have men of integrity in the society is because…… (a) They will be able to fight on our behalf (b) They are needed in order to correct bad habits in the society(c) They will be able to carry heavy loads for the community(d) they will also become good politicians
  4. Which of these is one of the attributes of contentment (a) satisfaction (b)encouragement (c)development (d)empowerment
  5. One effect of lack of contentment is (a) the enjoyment being derived from it (b) A man that lack contentment will be very great in life (c) a man that lack contentment will be above board (d)A man that lack contentment will be greedy.
  6. Discipline is: (a) Attitude of doing the right thing at the right time. (b) The ability to vigorously pursue a goal (c) The way of life (d) none of the above
  7. Courage is the : (a) Ability to defend one integrity (b) Exercise of boldness in carrying out a giving task in a particular situation of life (c) Exercising patience (d) boldness for wrongful fight.
  8. One type of courage is (a)Stubbornness Spirit (b)Moral courage  (c)  Dancing courage  (d)Fighting courage
  9. A courageous person should have one of these attributes (a) Should be able to have a physical strength (b) should have the ability to withstand the rigour of work (c) Must have determination to succeed in any given task. (d) Must be bold to talk in any gathering
  10. Which of these definitions of Federation is correct (a) Federation means a system that has bearing with political parties (b) Federation is just an amalgamation of state. (c) Federation is a type of political system in which there is constitutional division power between the central government and the component parts  (d) Federation is a political development that deal with how individual relates to one another
  11. State need federation for one of the following reasons (a) Federation allows various groups of people to be accommodated in the scheme of things (b)Federation give room for excessive spending of public funds (c) Federation tackles the problem of poverty  (d) Federation is important because of its flexibility
  12. One of the Characteristics of a Federation is (a)No separation of power in the constitution (b)There is supremacy of the constitution (c) None of these is applicable to its characteristics (d)All  of the above.
  13. …………… is a good example of federation (a) Sokoto (b) Zamfara (c) Nigeria (d) Osun
  14. Which of following exercise the Exclusive power (a) Central government (b) State government (c) Local government (d) Non of the above.
  15. In a Federation the State government makes law on … (a) Exclusive list (b) residual list (c) common list (d) fresh list
  16. The executive council at the federal level is headed by the ……. (a)Governor (b)chair man (c) minister (d) President
  17. Nigeria as a Federation is made up of …… State (a) 36 (b) 50(c)37 (d)27
  18. In a Federation the Local Council is headed by …… (a) Chairman (b)Councilor (c) Commissioner (d)Governor
  19. The level of Government in a federation that makes laws that affect every body in a country.
  20. The head of a ministry at the federal level in a Federation is known as ……….. (a) chairman (b) Commissioner (c) Minister (d) Ambassador


Essay Questions.

  1. Discuss the need for Federation in Nigeria.
  2. Mention four Characteristics of a Federation
  3. Define contentment
  4. Mention Four attributes of contentment
  5. List three effects of lack of contentment on Society
  6. Outline five attributes of a courageous person
  7. Differentiate between Federal, State and Local Government in term of: function, power sharing, Executive power and legislative power
  8. Give the meaning of the term federation
  • Mention four countries that are federation.
  • Mention two consequences of indiscipline in our society
  1. Mention three attributes of integrity.



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