1. ____________ is a device used for snapping pictures (a) stethoscope (b) camera (c) flash light
  2. __________ is the act of taking pictures with the use of camera (a)photography (b) broadcasting (c) reporting
  3. The person that takes pictures with camera is called ____(a) journalist (b) photographer (c) artist
  4. A photographer’s workplace is called ____ (a) salon (b) stadium (c) studio
  5. How many types of camera do we have? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3
  6. The following are not the material or tools used by an artist or in artwork except _____(a) paint or colour (b) urine (c) crude oil
  7. ________ is used to create effect on drawing (a) ruler (b) sharpener (c) artist sponges
  8. _______ is a medium for drafting an artwork (a) brush (c) eraser (c) drawing board
  9. ________ is used to cut object or use in carving sculpture (a) pencil (b) ruler (c) knife
  10. _____ is the art of arranging and combining sounds able to be produced by human voice or instrument (a) colour (b) music (c) sculpture
  11. _______ is the art of arranging a piece of writing in lines to a regular rhythm and of the rhyme (a) camera (b) studio (c) poetry
  12. Hair dressing may include the process of cutting, washing, curling and braiding(a) true (b) false (c) all of the above
  13. Hairdressing is an occupation for female only (a) true (b) false (c) all of the above
  14. Where a hairdressing carries out her activities is called a ______(a) shop (b) salon (c) market
  15. A man hairdresser is called ___ (a) barber (b) coiffeur (c) headmaster
  16. Coiffeuse is a hairdresser for ____ (a) old (b) male (c) female
  17. The following tools are used by tailor except ____ (a) pliers (b) scissors (c) razor
  18. _____ is the person that sews and repairs clothes (a) carpenter (b) welder (c) tailor
  19. The machine that is used for sewing clothes is called _____ (a) cutting (b) sewing (c) carving
  20. Which of these tools is used for making fabric (a) scissors (b) needle (c) chacoaliner

Section B: Theory

  1. What is photography
  2. A camera is ___________________________________
  3. Mention 3 types of photography
    • (a) ________________________________
    • (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________
  4. What is artwork______________________________________________________________
    • b.) Who is an artist?______________________________________________________________
  5. List five tools used in artwork
    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________
    • (e) ________________________________
  6. What is hairdressing___________________________________________________________
  7. Discuss the following
    • Barber __________________________________________________________________
    • Coiffeur _________________________________________________________________
    • Coiffeuse________________________________________________________________
    • What is tailoring______________________________________________________________
  8. List four specialists in tailoring
    • (a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
    • (c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________