1. A group of people related to one another by blood or by adoption is called…. [a] family [b] company [c] school
  2. Your father’s brother is ……. [a] daughter [b] uncle [c] relatives
  3. Unity in cultural diversity is known as…….. [a] oneness regardless of cultural diversity [b] disunity [c] hatred as a result of cultural difference
  4. Culture can be changed through the process of …………. [a]fighting [b] education [c] disagreement
  5. Traditional marriage allows a man to marry ………. [a] his mother [b] many wives [c] one wife
  6. The union of two people – a man and a woman in traditional ways is called ……… marriage [a] modern [b] shrine [c] traditional
  7. The three main religions in Nigeria are Muslim, Christianity and ……… [a] ogboni [b] pagan [c] traditional
  8. When a person fulfils his duties as expected, he is said to be ……. [a] lazy [b] responsible [c] bad
  9. Responsible parenthood will promote … in family [a] love [b] hatred [c] disagreement
  10. A good marriage partner would process these except … [a] affection and trust [b] honesty and tolerance [c] hatred and anger

Which of these is an harmful drug? (a) Panadol (b) Paracetamol

(c) Cocaine (d) Phensic

12. A/an ___________ builds with bricks (a) Bricklayer (b) Architect

(c) Mason (d) Lawyer

13. Who among the following people is not involving in house construction?(a) Caterer(b) Architect (c) Bricklayer (d) Plumber

14. One of these is not a class of food (a) water (b) protein

(c) milk (d) vitamins

15. Drug trafficker should be reported to the __________________

(a) Police (b) Doctors (c) Accountants (d) Pastors

16. Drug abuse can lead to the following except _____________

(a) Madness (b) Restlessness (c) Creativity (d)Sleeplessness

17. Another word for Hygiene is _____________________

(a) Cleanliness (b) Dirtiness (c) Pollution (d) Heredity

18. the act of following the standard behaviour considered acceptable by people is known as ________________

a. Moral b. Malice c. Marriage d. Might

19. __________________ is the way of life of people

a. Religion b. Difference c. Culture d. Festival

20. An unfortunate event that occurs when we don’t expect is called __________a. Antiseptic b. Accident c. Corps d. Victims


(1) What is family

(2) mention five members of family

(3) Explain the following

  1. Aunt (b) Grandmother (c) Uncle

(4)a. mention three types of modern marriage practiced in Nigeria.