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1. _________ are the parts of computer that can be seen and touched

(a) Software (b) Hardware (c) Strongware

2. The computer keyboard is good example of _____________ device

(a) Output (b)Input (c) offput

3. All these are senious of a keyboard except __________________

(a) Alphanumeric (b) Numeric keys (c) Alpha function keys

4.The _________ are used to move the cursor in the desired direction

(a) Leftware (b0 rightwards (c) upwards (d) downwards

5.T he ________ is the longest key on the computer keyboard

(a) Space bar (b) Long key (c) Large key

6. All these are functions keys except _____________

(a) Fi (b) OF (c) F12

7. To type letter into monitor to the __________ section of the keyboard

(a) Numeric (b) alphabetic (c) Alphanumeric

8. To put space in between in words appearing on the monitor, use the _____________ on the keyboard

(a) Enter key (b) Fikey Space bar key

9. A mouse is an input device that controls the movement of the ____________ on a computer screen

(a) Colour (b) cursor (c ) keyboard

10. Which of these is not a part of the mouse

(a) Scroll ball (b) mouse pad (c) Keypad

  1. A ………….. is a collection of computer components that are needed for a computer to work effectively [a] system [b] speakers [c] computer system
  2. There are ……… main components of a computer system. [a] 7 [b] 3 [c] 5
  3. Which of the following is not a components of a computer system [a] semiware [b] hardware [c] software
  4. The part of a computer that cannot be seen or felt is ………. [a] user [b] software [c] warehard
  5. An example of digital computer is ………………….. [a] baromen [b] thermo [c] abacus
  6. An example of micro computer is the …. [a] laptop [b] digital watch [c] cyber
  7. Computer are classified by size into ……….. [a] 4 [b] 2 [c] 10
  8. The people who use computers are called ………… [a] controllers [b] users [c] managers
  9. An example of software is ……. [a] programs [b] mouse [c] monitor
  10. There are ……. Generation of computers ……. .. [a] 2 [b] 20 [c] 5


  1. Explain the meaning of hardware
  2. List any three examples of hardware
  3. Mention the three components of a computer system.
  4. Write out three types of computer.


1(a) what is keyboard

(b) State any five keys used by DOS

(c) What is the full meaning of DOS

2. (a) What is a mouse?

(b) Name thee (3) types of mouse

(c) State two (2) properties of a mouse