Physical and Health Education Jss 3 NECO NCEE Past Questions



Physical Education objectives entail the acquisition of the following EXCEPT
A. mental skills   B. physical combat C. physical fitness D. recreational skills E. social skills
2. A person that gives immediate assistance to an injured person is called
A. coach B. doctor C. first aider D.nurse E. referee
3. The three types of crouch start are bunch, medium and
A. bullet B. elongated   C.false   D. staggered   E. standing
4. Which of these is an indoor recreational activity?
A. camping B.  Dart   C. hiking D. hunting E. picnic
5. Insufficient quantity of vitamin A in the body may cause
A.anaemia B.dizziness   C. poor memory D. poor vision E. rickets
6. The dimension of a standard track is…… meters
A.100 B. 200 C. 300   D. 400 E. 600
7.  The major areas of physical education programme include the following EXCEPT
A. aquatics B. athletics C. gymnastics D. lead up games E. sports and games
8.  Which of the following is an example of dual sports?
A. Handball B. High jump C. Hurdles D. Pole vault E. Tennis
9.  Games that does not have international recognition are referred to as………
A. indoor B. league C. major D. minor   E. outdoor
10. Camping, picnic, hiking and mountaineering are all examples of……… recreational activities.
A. indoor B. major C. minor D.outdoor   E. School
11. All these are qualities of a first aider EXCEPT being
A. knowledgeable B. nervous C. observant D. resourceful E. sympathetic
12. Which of these is NOT a gymnastic activity?
A. Backward roll B. Crab walk C.Hangspring D. Hockey E. Neck spring
13. A relay team consists of…… athletes
A. 4   B. 6   C. 8   D. 10   E. 12
14. Which of the following recreational activities is good for an elderly person?
A. Camping B. Cycling C. Mountaineering D. Running E. Walking
15. When a bone is broken and cuts the skin, it is called……… .fracture
A. comminuted B. compound   C. greenstick D. multiple E. simple
16.  The knee to two type of crouch start is referred to as
A. bunch B. elongated   C. medium   D. staggered   E. standing
17.  The following are components of physical fitness EXCEPT
A. agility B. balance   C.endurance   D. speed E. stability
18.  As a first aider , which of the following injuries would need attention first?
A. Bleeding   B. Respiratory failure   C. Cramp   D. Fracture   E. Strain
19.  Dislocation, sprain, strain, bruises and muscles cramps are….injuries

A. common   B. major   C. minor   D. ordinary   E. sports
20. What is the full meaning of N.S.F.?
A. National Shipping Ferries   B. National Shoppers Federation C. National Sports Festival
D. National Sport Festival E. Northern sports Festival
21. Scurvy is caused by deficiency in
A. amino acid B. carbohydrate C. protein D. mineral salt E. vitamin C
22. These are types of bones in the humans body EXCEPT
A. flat   B. irregular   C. joint   D. long   E. short
23. Regular exercise helps the body to
A. accumulate fats   B. gains weight   C. get fatigued   D. grow taller  E. keep fit
24. Which of these is the third phase in long jump?
A. Approach run  B. Flight  C. landing   D. Recovery   E. take off
25. As a trainer, which of these classes of food is most recommended to athletes during training?
A. carbohydrate   B. fats and oil   C. mineral salt    D. protein   E. vitamin
26. Which of these diseases is insect borne?
A. Chicken   B. Measles   C. Poliomyelitis   D. Sleeping sickness   E. Whooping cough
27. The most hygienic  organs through which the air should be breathed in is the
A. gullet   B. mouth   C. nose   D. trachea   E. Windpipe
28. Which of the following systems are more important for successful physical performance?
A. Respiratory and Endocrine  B. Respiratory and Nervous  C. Skeletal and Circulatory
D.  skeletal and muscular  E. Urinary and Respiratory                                                                                       29 .Which of the following is a type of  Track
A.  Coal-sand dust  B.Gravel  C. Paper dust  D. Saw dust  E. Tartan
30. Without muscle individual loose the following  EXCEPT
A.   Blood   B. Capacity to live  C.  Endurance   D.  Shape   E.  Strength
40.   The father of gymnastic is
A.   Adolf Hitler   B.  Fredrick Ludwig john   C.  John base Dow   D.  John Gun moth                            E.  Mathew Benjamin
41. The following part of the body is used in traping ball in soccer  EXCEPT
A.   Chest   B.  Foot   C.  Hand   D.  Head   E.  knee
42.  Which player in soccer is allow to used all part of the during playing?
A.    Back-player  B  Center front play  C.  Goal player   D.  Right full back player  E.  The captain

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