Bible Religious Studies  Third Term Promotional Examination Primary 3





1.) Suffering is a feeling of pain and ________ (a) happiness (b) unhappiness (c) dancing (d) joy
2.) _________ and _______ are people who suffered in the Bible (a) Joseph and Mary
(b) Abraham and Isaac (c) Jesus Christ and Stephen (d) Joshua and Solomon
3.) ______ is the disciple who betrayed Jesus to His enemies
(a) Pilate (b) Peter (c) Judas Iscariot (d) John
4.) Jesus and His disciples were praying in a garden called _______
(a) Nigeria (b) Ghana (c) Gethsemane (d) Bethlehem
5.) _______ suffered and died on the cross for our sins (a) Jesus (b) Joseph (c) Pilate (d) Peter
6.) The death of Jesus is the full payment of our sins
(a) true (b) false (c) maybe
7.) The Christians are saved by Jesus precious _____ (a) oil (b) food (c) blood (d) clothes
8.) Jesus was nailed on the cross in between ______ thieves (a) two (b) four (c) three (d) ten
9.) The people placed a crown of thorns of Jesus ______ (a) mouth (b) leg (c) head (d) hand
10.) Hospitality means being friendly and giving freely to ______
(a) animals (b) furniture (c) teacher (d) visitors




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11.) When we find ourselves in problems or any difficult situation we should ____
(a) abuse God (b) cry (c) murmur (d) give praises to God

12.) Christians believe in _______ (a) man (b) Pastor (c) God (d) friend
13.) ________ separated us from God (a) noise (b) sin (c) food (d) water
14.) _______ removes darkness and makes us see clearly (a) water (b) stone (c) light (d) darkness
15.) Jesus Christ called Christians the light of the ____ (a) school (b) world (c) saviour (d) church
16.) Light represent goodness while darkness represents ______ and _______
(a) pupils and students (b) evil and sin (c) water and food (d) pen and book
17.) Isaiah was a prophet of God in _____ (a) Egypt (b) Jerusalem (c) Israel (d) Ghana
18.) God promised Abraham the promised land called______________
(a) Egypt (b) London (c) Ikeja (d) Canaan
19.) Jesus Christ was given birth to in a town called ____
(a) Juda (b) Bethlehem (c) Jerusalem (d) Israel
20.) The ________ wise men gave Jesus gifts (a) nine (b) three (c) six (d) two

21.) ________ was stoned to death simply because he told the people the truth
(a) Stephen (b) Gabriel (c) Job (d) John
22.) Jesus is the son of ____________ (a) God (b) man (c) woman (d) uncle
23.) Jesus fed five thousand people with _______
(a) five loaves of bread and two fishes (b) five loaves of bread and three fishes
(c) sixteen loaves of bread and ten fishes (d) two loaves of bread and one fish

24.) Christian general day of worship is ______ (a) Monday (b) Sunday (c) Tuesday (d) Thursday
25.) __________ is the only way to God (a) man (b) Jesus (c) Joseph (d) Moses
26.) The Passover means _____ (a) cross over (b) cry over (c) jump over (d) sit over
27.) _______ is the son of Abraham (a) Isaac (b) Esau (c) David (d) Moses
28.) Emmanuel means ______ (a) God feed us (b) God punish us (c) God with us (d) God beat us
29.) Jesus said the Christian are the ___________ of the earth (a) soap (b) oil (c) salt (d) sugar
30.) Jesus had _____________ disciples (a) 19 (b) 24 (c) 12 (d) 5

1.) Mention three examples of hospitality shown in the Bible?
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________

2.) What is kindness ____________________________________________________________
3.) What is the meaning of the Passover?_____________________________________________

4.) What is the meaning of Emmanuel ______________________________________________
5.) What is suffering _____________________________________________________________


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