1. ____ was regarded as Supreme Being (a) god (b) gods (c) God
  2. The world ‘Alpha’ means ______ (a) beginning (b) ending (c)beginning and end
  3. God is Omniscience because ____ (a) He possesses all power (b) He is present everywhere (c) He knows everything
  4. According to Edo, God is called ________(a) Abas (b)Osanobwa (c)Ubangiji
  5. Which of the tribe in Nigeria referred to God as the ‘Great Artist? (a) Igbo (b) Edo (c) Ibibio
  6. God created the universe in how many days? (a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 21
  7. ____ was created on the fourth day. (a) Light (b) Dry land (c) Sun, Moon, Stars
  8. In Edo traditional account of creation, which of these personalities was given power to mould and make man? (a) Osanobua (b)Osanoha (c) Orisa-nla
  9. Who was delegated by Olodumare to create the world in Yoruba account? (a) Osanobua (b) Orisa-nla (c) Orunmila
  10. _____ was created on the seventh day by God (a) Man (b)Llight (c) God rested
  11. God delegated ____ to rule the world (a) God (b) man (c) sun
  12. The first man is called ____ (a) Adam (b) Eve (C) Cain
  13. The first man was placed in the ___ (A) River (b) Planet (c) Garden of Eden
  14. The word “Procreation” means ____ (a) excretion (b) death (C) reproduction
  15. The first man was made from the ____ (A ) air (b) sea (c) dust
  16. …………… is the kind of marriage between a woman and more than one husband (a) polygamy (b) polyandry (c) Sororate (d) levirate
  17. How many wife can a man has in monogamous marriage. (a) one (b) two (c) three (d) many
  18. Common law marriage usually takes place in (a) church (b) mosque (c) registry (d) home
  19. Christian marriage is only meant for (a) boys and girls (b) mature man and woman (a) mature man and man (d) mature woman and woman
  20. Christian marriage is according to (a) The Holy Bible (b) The Kadis (c) The books of law (d) The laws of Moses
  21. Which of these is not a problem at home (a) anger (b) lies (c) doubt (d) age
  22. Divorce means (a) legal probation of marriage (b) legal suspension of marriage (c) family ending of a marriage (d) legal ending of a marriage
  23. The inability of either a man or woman to bear a child is called (a) childlessness (b) fruitfulness (c) infertility (d) ageism
  24. The couple in monogamy comprises (a) a man and a woman (b) a man and a man (c) a woman and a woman (d) a woman and a son
  25. Which of these marriage is encouraged by Christianity (a) homosexual (b) monogamy (c) polygamy (d) lesbianism
  26. The word “woman” means (a) bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh
    1. (b) flesh of my flesh (c) flesh of my bone
  27. The first man God created is _________ (a) Jacob (b) Adam (c) Eve
  28. Eve means- (a) mother of all living (b) mother of all generation (c) mother of Christ
  29. ________was the first born of Adam (a) Cain (b) Abel (c) Jacob
  30. The consequence of Adam’s sin is _______ (a) joy and pain (b) death and Joy (c) death, pain and struggle
  31. Cain’s profession was that of _______ (a) a farmer (b) a shepherd (c) a carpenter.
  32. Human relationship is divided into _______ types (a) one (b) three (c) Two
  33. ______is not an example of immediate family relationship (a) Husband and wife
    1. (b) Parents and great grandchildren (c) Brothers and sister.
  34. God placed ________on Cain so that he would not be killed (a) seal (b) mark (c) sign
  35. God had respect for the offering of Abel but for the offering of Cain, He had no __________(a) regard (b) power (c) strength
      1. Who was Israel’s First King?
    1. Samuel (b) David (c) Saul (d) Asa
  36. Saul’s death was mainly because of ________
    1. greed (b) stubbornness (c) impatience (d) disobedience
  37. Saul disobeyed God during Israel’s war with the ________
    1. Amalekites (b) Philistines (c) Moabites (d) Amorites
  38. The Amalekite king spared by Saul was _______
    1. Neco (b) Sisera(c) Agag (d) Doeg
  39. Saul and his son were killed in a battle against______
    1. Philistines (b) Amalek (c) Moab (d) Canaan
  40. ____were the parents of Esau and Jacob (a) Isaac and Rebekah (b)Abraham and Sarah (c) Joseph and Mary
  41. Esau sold his birthright for ____(a) Pottage (b) bread (c) water
  42. Rebekahloved____(a) Jacob (b) Esau (c) Both of them
  43. Isaac loved (a) Esau (b) Jacob (c) both of them
  44. ____disguised Jacob with the animal’s skin to receive Esau’s Blessing
      1. Hannah (b) Ruth (c) Rebekah


  1. Explain the circumstances leading to Jacob receiving Esau’s blessing
  2. Describe the attitude of Rebekah to his two sons and how it affected them later in life


    1. Narrate two instances in which Saul disobeyed God and how he tried to cover up his sin.
    2. What two lessons, can Nigerian leaders learn from Saul’s disobedience?


  1. What is Human Relationship?
  2. Discuss the character of Cain and Abel.


  1. What was the sin of Adam andEve ?
  2. What was the curse placed on the woman by God?.


  1. Discuss the best type of marriage you know.
  2. Marriage is good, yes or no! Discuss.


  1. Write short notes on the following:
  2. Sororate marriage
  3. Polyandry
  4. Polygamy
  5. Levirate
  6. Explain the Christian marriage.


  1. How do you know that man is an image of God?
  2. Explain how human beings can create.