Obedience To God. 2nd Term CRS Exams Nursery 2


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1. Obedience to God brings ______(a) sorrow (b) failure (c) blessings

2. Was Jesus obedient to God? (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe

3. Jesus was  rude to his earthly parents (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe

4. Obedient to our parent is an instruction from God (a) yes (b) No (c) never

5. Good children obey their parent (a) yes (b) no (c) all of the above

6. Who was the mother of Jesus? (a) Elizabeth (b) Mary (c) Hannah

7. Did Jesus have brothers? (a) yes (b) no (c) I don’t know

8. Who said ‘This is my only beloved don”? (a) The Holy spirit (b) John the Baptist (c) God the father

9. Who was the virgin Mary? (a) the mother of Jesus (b) The sister of Jesus (c) The aunt of Jesus

10. Who turn water to wine? (a) Jesus (b) Mary (c) Moses

11. Jesus is the _______ to the father.

a) Way b) Obstacle

12. Jesus is the _______.

a) Good shepherd b) Bad shepherd

13. A good shepherd is not _______

a) Wicked b) caring c) kind

14. _______ is the good shepherd.

a) God b) Jesus c) David

15. Christians are Jesus” ________

a) Enemies b) Sheep c) Burden

16. Jesus _______ us.

a) Forbids b) Hates c) Love

17. Jesus bore our _______ and takes us back to God.

a) Righteousness b) sins c) wealth

18. Salt is a _________

a) Seasoning b) preservative c) A&B

19. _____________ refers to christians as the salt of the earth.

a) God b) Jesus c) Moses

20. Christians should behave like __________

a) Moses b) Jesus c) Satan.





Section B

1. What is the name of the Jesus-s mother?

2. Who was the virgin Mary?
















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