Nur 2 Exams Home Economics



CLASS:         NURSERY 2



  1. The nose enables us to _____(a) breathe (b) dance (c) walk
  2. The nose is used for _____(a) eating (b) smelling (c) biting
  3. What are the two hole of the nose called? (a) eyes (b) ears (c) nose
  4. What should be used to clear the nose? (a) Nylon (b) Handkerchief (c) Brown paper
  5. We can also use _____to clean our nose (a) tissue paper (b) head tie (c) pin
  6. We should move _______ away from our eyes (a) water (b) eye drop (c) Pointed objects
  7. It is not good to read with candle (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe
  8. ____enable us to hear (a) the eyes (b) the ear (c) the mouth
  9. We should clean our ears with ___(a) cotton bud (b) match (c) tooth pick
  10. It is not good to use ____to clean our ears (a) Match stick (b) cutton bud (c) all of the above
  11. Do we need to clean our kitchen at all? yes    B.  No    C. May be

  1. What should we use to wash the bathrooms and the toilets?
  2. Kerosene   Insecticide      c.  Brush, soap and water


  1. Which of these is used to sweep? A.  broom    B. Brush   C. Comb


  1. Our windows must always be _______a. washed b.  cleaned   c. wet


  1. We keep things in the store and cook in the kitchen (true   or false)


  1. From which of these do we make fufu? a.  yam   b.  cassava   c. cocoa


  1. From which of these od we get dodo? A. banana   B.Yam   C.  Plantain


  1. From which of these do we make pap? A.  rice           B.  Maize   C. Cassava


  1. From which of these do we make akara? A.  maize   b.  beans   c. yam


  1. From which of these do we get starch? A. rice   b. fish     c.  beans




Section B

  1. Who is the head of a family
  2. Why must we use clean cloth to clean our nose/










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