Nursery 1 Basic Science Exams 2nd Term





Underline the correct answers.

1. A _____ could be found in water. (a) man 👨 (b) fish 🐠

2. ______ is an example of living things that cannot run. (a) snake 🐍 (b)plant 🌿

3. A _____ uses wing to fly. (a) snake (b) bird

4. ______ is a living thing that can run (a) Goat (b) Stone

5. Living things are those things that can ______ (a) breath (b) disappear

6. Insects are _______ (a) living things (b) non living things

7. Living things can ______ food (a) eat (b) fight

8. Living things can ______ (a) grow (b) cannot grow

9. Fish is a living things. (a) true (b) false

10. An eagle is a living thing. (a) True (b) false

11. The first treatment given to the injured person is called

(a) First Aid box (b)last aid

12. We _____first aid box in the school

(a)need (b) hate

13. _____ is an injured

(a) Ant (b) wound

14. Knife can cause _____________

(a) Wound (b) talk

15. Wound can be treated in the ___________

(a) Kitchen (b) hospital

16. Who gives treatment in the hospital

(a) Seller (b) doctor

17. It is ____________to keep refuse in our room

(a) Bad (b) good

18. We must __________our hands after rough play

(a) Cut (b) wash

19. Water is liquid substance odorless, tasteless and

(a) Stainless (b) selfishness (c) colorless

20. Water is used for _____________bathing (a) stealing (b)crying

21.Living in dirty environment can cause illness____(a)Yes (b)No

22 We sweep the bedroom with______ (a) broom (b) wiper

23. We should bath_____ daily (a) once in a month (b) twice

24. We have ______states in Nigeria. (a) 36 (b) 42

25. We should brush our teeth _____daily. (a) twice (b) once in 2 month

26. Living in dirty environment is_______(a) bad (b) good

27. Sleeping while driving is_____ accident (a) home (b) road

28. Eating on the rad is_____ habit (a) bad (b) good

29. Cutting finger with knife 🗡 is_________accident (a) home (b) school

30. Eating uncover food can cause______ (a) illness (b) fat

























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