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1st Term Examination


Primary 3


Instruction: read carefully and answer the questions correctly


It was fun for Uche to go with his uncle to the birthday party of a member of his club. She was Mrs. Adeze popularly called madam cash. She was celebrating her 50th birthday. She was called madam cash because of her frivolous and extra –vagrant spending especially during parties of any member of the club. Her expensive mode of dressing and her stature also attracted people’s attention.

She was six metres tall, four and a half metres in breadth. She was a mountain of solid fat. Her neck could not be seen readily, it was made of folds of fat. On top of her neck was a head like coconut. It was small and had a low cut in a fashionable style.


  1. The real name of Madam cash was ______________
  2. She was ___________ metres tall
  3. Her whole body was like __________
  4. Her neck could not be seen because ___________
  5. Her head looked like a _____________


  1. Fill the gaps with can, cannot, may
  2. A cat ________ fly
  3. Soldiers ________ march for two hours
  4. Make one sentence each with:
  5. Ought to: _________________________________________________
  6. Must: _____________________________________________________
  7. Have to: __________________________________________________
  8. Write out the kinds of noun for these:
  9. John, Mr. Patrick, Adaeze
  10. Boy, toy, house, pencil
  11. Anger, joy, fear, happiness




Past tense Past continuous
  1. He plays
  2. We dance
  3. I go





Past perfect tense Past perfect tense
  1. He slept
  2. I sang
  3. It barked
  1. Underline the most suitable word:
  2. You are (weak, weaker) than Yusuf
  3. She scored the (highest, higher) mark in the test
  4. This building is (taller, tall)


Positive Comparative Superlative
  1. Angrily
More bravely Most beautiful
Words Antonyms
  1. fat
  2. beak
  3. bitter


Words Synonyms
  1. aid
  2. wealthy
  3. imitate


Masculine Feminine
  1. father
  2. giant




(Address) ___________________________




Dear ___________

How are you and your (families, enemies)? I’m sure with (God, monster) you are all fine. I just want to tell you about a surprising event that happened to me.

Could you (believe, foresight) that I was given a double promotion following my (weak, outstanding) performance in the last promotion examination? All thanks to my Uncle who (taught, thought) and prepared me like never before. I was more than (sad, happy) when I got the result.

I’m writing to let you know you can achieve the same, just be (lazy, serious) with your studies. My regards to _________ and ___________

Yours ______________


Rapid reading

  1. What was Koko’s occupation?
  2. How did Koko show his kindness to the poor?
  3. What evil was happening during Koko’s party?
  4. Whose house was the first to be attacked by the thieves?
  5. Having eaten all the meat in the soup, the robbers ______________


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