Third Term Examinations Agricultural Science Primary 4





1.) ________ are unwanted plants that grow with crops in a farm
(a) crops (b) water (c) weeds (d) rocks

2.) The use of certain insects to destroy weeds e.g. grasshopper, praying mantis is called ____
(a) play method (b) animals method (c) biological method (d) chemical method

3.) The practices of crop rotation , mulching, planting of weed-free seeds etc is called ____
(a) crop method (b) biological method (c) cultural method (d) weed method

4.) The use of agro chemicals to kill weeds is called ____
(a) chemical method (b) physical method (c) biological method (d) mechanical method

5.) The use of simple farm tools, e.g hoe, cutlass etc is called ___ (a) animal method
(b) chemical method (c) physical and mechanical method (d) biological method

6.) The activities carried out before planting vegetables is called ___ (a) planting operation
(b) post-planting operation (c) pre-plantation (d) post-middle operation

7.) The breaking of large lumps of soil into finer pieces is called
(a) stumping (b) choice of site or land (c) harrowing (d) tiling

8.) During rainy season, ___ is good for transplanting
(a) digger (b) shovel (c) hand trowel (d) sickle

9.) Regular application of water is necessary to keep the soil ____
(a) dry together (b) loose (c) moistened or wet (d) coloured

10.) Natural or chemical fertilizers are applied to ensure ___ are available for the seedlings
(a) water (b) air (c) nutrients (d) labour

11.) The operations carried out after planting of seedlings are called ____ (a) pre-planting operations (b) planting operation (c) post-planting operations (d) bread animals operations

12.) Removing an unwanted plant in a vegetable farm will reduce ____ among crops
(a) competition (b) staking (c) manuring (d) tilling

13.) In agriculture, pruning means ____ (a) planting of seeds (b) harvesting of crops
(c) riming some of the branches (d) digging of ground

14.) The act of providing support to vegetable crops which have trailing or creeping stem is called___ (a) watering (b) weeding (c) staking (d) thinning

15.) A practice whereby the surface of the soil is covered with grass, leaves, crops residues or paper so that the soil retain moisture for plants use is called ___ (a) watering (b) weeding
(c) manuring (d) mulching

16.) The process of cooking food in very hot oil for the purpose of preservation is called ____
(a) canning (b) bagging (c) frying (d) salting

17.) The storage of food items in the refrigerator with a temperature below 100c is called ____
(a) smoking (b) salting (c) refrigerating (d) sun-drying

18.) Example of food item that can be pasteurized is ___ (a) meat (b) fish (c) milk (d) banana

19.) The most important factor of production is ___ (a) labour (b) money (c) land (d) management

20.) The flatness of sloppiness of soil is called ____ (a) time (b) rocks (c) topography (d) climate

21.) _____ exposes the soil surface to erosion
(a) manuring (b) crop rotation (c) bush burning (d) bush fallowing

22.) Planting of trees is called ____
(a) deforestation (b) afforestation (c) bush-burning (d) pre-planting

23.) One of the functions of tree planting is ___ (a) it serves as a removal of unwanted plant
(b) it serves as a wind breaker (c) it serves as a wind thriller (d) it brings pest to the forest

24.) One of the importance of farm produce processing is ____
(a) it causes moth (b) it makes farm produce decay (c) it removes poisonous agents from the food thereby making the food save for eating (d) all of the above

25.) These are advantages of farm produce except ____ (a) it helps to retain the freshness of the food (b) It reduces the loss to pests and unfavourable weather condition in the farm
(c) it causes poison to the food (d) it prevents contamination and infection

26.) The book that shows the amount of money a farmer received for each produce that is sold is called ____ (a) production record (b) farm inventory (c) farm diary (d) cash record

27.) The record of various input and their monetary value is called ___
(a) cash record (b) farm inventory (c) farm input record (d) farm diary

28.) The physical properties of sandy soil include the following except ____
(a) It has loose particles (b) It has large particles
(c) it has very small pores and air space (d) It has low water holding capacity

29.) The advantages of weeds are the following except _____
(a) weeds serves as feed to animals (b) weeds compete with crop plant for water and nutrients (c) they control erosion (d) they protect the soil from dryness

30.) The disadvantages of weeds are the following except (a) weeds grow faster than the crops planted (b) some weeds are used for beautification of our environment (c) Poisonous weeds when eaten by animals may cause death of such animals (d) they reduce quantity and quality of some farm produce

1.) What are weeds ______________________________________________________________

b.) List three cultural practices for raising vegetables
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________

2.) Mention four ways of controlling weeds in the farm
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

b.) List four examples of weeds
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

3.) State four activities carried out before planting vegetables
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

4.) What is a farm record _________________________________________________________

b) List three types of farm records
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________

5.) What is a compost ____________________________________________________________

b.) Mention three ways of preserving farm produce
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________

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