Second Term Exams Primary 1 Agric

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Primary 1 Second Term Agric


  1. ____________ is the outer layer of the earth surface. (a) Land (b) stone (c) soil.
  2. We use stones for _____________ (a) washing (b) building (c) painting
  3. Air cannot be seen but we can __________ it. (a)feel (b) hear (c)touch
  4. Sun provides daylight for people to __________ (a) clap (b) see (c) hear
  5. __________ grow on the soil (a) plants (b) babies (c) fishes
  6. Do we need sun to survive? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Maybe
  7. ____________ is a mixture of gases. (a) Fart (b) Air (c) Water
  8. We use air to inflate Ballon (a) Yes (b) No (c) Maybe
  9. Soil provides shelter for some animals. (a) Yes (b) No (c) Maybe
  10. We soil for _____________ (a) Writing (b) Farming (c) Playing
  11. We get vitamin ___________ from the sun. (a) D (b) B (c) A
  12. The sun is very dangerous to our ___________ (a) body (b) sight (c) hair
  13. Land is a free gift from _____________ (a) God (b) Satan (c) White men
  14. A ___________ is fueled with air. (a) bread (b) cake (c) ball
  15. Rock stones can be used for _________________ construction. (a) road (b) school (c) stadium


  1. What is soil? _____________________________________________________________
  2. List three things that can float in air:
  3. List three things found on the land: _____________________,________________________,________________
  4. Write two things that air can inflate: ____________________,_________________________
  5. Write out three types of land: _____________________,____________________,________________


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