Second Term Examination JSS 2 English Grammar

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The market

Mother and Halima went to the market a shopping list. On the list she has meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. They are going to buy pepper too. “ What are these? Halima asked mother. “ These are Oranges”, Mother replied and “ What are those?” She asked pointing to the grapes. “Those are grapes”, said mother. Mother and Halima went to buy oranges and then to buy the other things on the list.


  1. Where did mother and Halima go to?
  2. What did they go to buy?
  3. Who asked” what are these”?
  4. Are they going to buy pepper?
  5. What did Halima point to?

Circle the proper noun in the following

  1. Nelson Mandela is an eminent in Africa
  2. Have you been to Aso Rock ?

Circle the common noun in the following

  1. I love my friends and we play football on the field
  2. The man lives in a hut on the sand

Circle the Abstract noun in the following

  1. Obedience is better than sacrifice
  2. Learn Wisdom, Vincent

Underline the correct answer

  1. There are many_____ in the market (woman, woman’s, women)
  2. There are many_____ in the school ( child, children, childrens)
  3. Different cars use different_______ ( batteries, battery, battery’s)
  4. We have three _______ (knifes, knives, knife)

Section B

  1. List all parts of speech
  2. Mention the types of noun
  3. Write ten examples of common noun
  4. Write ten examples of proper noun
  5. Write eight examples of abstract noun
  6. Singular Plural
  • Pen _________
  • City _________
  • Church _________
  • Wife __________
  • Live __________
  • Tomato __________
  • Book __________
  • Police ___________

Section C

Write a composition about your best friend


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