Primary 3 civic Education Second Term Revision

  1. National Symbols are signs or objects of recognition at national level…. (true /false)
  2. À state has its own authority (true /false)
  3. National Symbols are also the same as private logo (true /false)
  4. The colour of the Nigerian flag is green, white and red (true /false)
  5. Nigeria is a nation (true /false)
  6. The first line of the national pledge is I pledge to Nigeria my sister (true /false)
  7. President Mohammed Buhari is the governor of Lagos State (true/false)
  8. The constitution of Nigeria consists of rules and regulations in regards to how every in Nigeria is ruled or governed (true /false)
  9. Nobody is above the law (true /false)
  10. The highest denomination of currency in Nigeria is the ₦1000 naira note (true /false)
  11. The picture of Dr Nnamdi Azikwe is on the one hundred naira note (true /false)
  12. The mace is a symbol of authority (true /false)
  13. The mace is commonly seen at social gathering, public places or market in Nigeria (true /false)
  14. Pepsi logo is an example of National logo or symbol in Nigeria (true /false)
  15. The green colour on the Nigerian flag stands for peace (true /false)
  16. Mr Taiwo Akinwunmi designed the National map (true /false)
  17. There are three colours on the Nigeria flag (true /false)
  18. The Nigerian coat or arms is a symbol of National unity (true /false)
  19. The eagle on the Nigerian coat of Arms stands for dignity (true /false)
  20. The Nigeria one naira note is equivalent to four dollars at the current exchange rate (true /false)
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