First Term Examinations Verbal Reasoning Grade 4

First Term EXAMINATION 2020/2021 SESSION
NAME OF PUPIL____________________________________ DATE __________
Underline the word that would come first if these words were arranged alphabetically.
1) Cleave dank blend mould kit
2) Cute seem red brave danger
3) Minister speaker senator president judge
4) Silk seek same scent sow
5) Bloat bleak black blunder blue

Circle the words which would come in the middle if the words in the lines below were written in alphabetical order.

6) Bracket buck bout belch bygone
7) Ghost grapnel gorge gander guess
8) Temple tendon teak testimony texture
9) Arrange ark argue arm article
10 Curve change cannon cinema collier


Write an anagram for each word. The first letter of the new word is underlined.
Plains Spinal

11. CARE ………….
12. MADE ………….
13. TEAM …………
14. DON …………
15. FLIT …………
Circle the word which would come last in each line if arranged alphabetically
16. Bear race give kick stick
17. Under tender xmas yonder error
18. Bacon burrow beret bless brook
19. Lottery load longitude loom lobe
20. Pattern thunder singer quack rear



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