Vocational Aptitude Basic Three First Term Examination




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INSTRUCTIONS: Answer all the questions by picking the correct answer from the given questions

Part A (Objectives)

  1. is a job that someone doe for a living. (a) Vocation (b) Training (c) apprentice
  2. is the oldest vocation. (a) Farming (b) Accounting (c) Baking
  3. Someone that is learning a vocation is called an? (a) Adult (b) Apprentice (c) Man.
  4. An apprentice learns his/her vocation in way. (a) An informal (b) A form (c) A crude
  5. The special ability needed to do a particular job is called (a) Profession (b) Skill (c) Occupation
  6. The job of a Carpenter is (a) Trading (b) Carpentry (c) Sewing
  7. Which of the following is not a vocation (a) Law (b) Banking (c) Teacher
  8. The head of a secondary school is known as the (a) headmaster (b) Principal (c) Rector
  9. The head of the teaching staff in the university is called the (a) Director General (b) Rector (c) Vice Chancellor
  10. The pressure group that protects the interest of Teachers is known as (a) NUJ (b) NUT (c) NURTW
  11. For someone to become a teacher he or she has to first­ (a) ask for salary
    (b) learn a vocation (c) undergo training
  12. Which if the following is a training school for teachers. (a) College of Education (b) Polytechnic (c) College of technology
  13. Where do teaches work? (a) Banks (b) TV Studio (c) All learning Institution
  14. The doctor that perform medical operation in theatres is called a
    (a) Surgeon (b) Carpenter (c) Hunter
  15. The makes and supplies lenses and spectacles. (a) Optician (b) Pharmacist (c) Dentist
  16. A nurse can either be a male or female (a) True (b) False (c) Not Sure
  17. One who treats sick people in hospital is a (a) drug (b) medicine (c) Doctor
  18. The work of a nurse is not in the (a) Clinic (b) Hospital (c) Classroom
  19. A doctor who treats teeth is called (a) Dentist (b) Surgeon (c) Optician
  20. In a hospital, surgical operations are performed (a) Ward (b) Pharmacy (c) Theatre

Part B

1. Who is a Teacher?


2. Who is a Dentist?


3. What is the full meaning of NUT? ______________________________


4. Who is a banker? __________________________





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