Ways of preventing drug Abuse self medication:



SUBJECT: Civic Education

TOPIC:  Ways of preventing drug Abuse




These are some ways of preventing drug abuse:


1. Discourage self medication:


Do not take drugs on your own but only what is given to you by your parents, doctor or nurse.


2. Take prescribed drugs only:


Do not think because a particular drug worked for Hassan, it will work for you.


3. Be obedient:


Do exactly what you are asked to do by your parents, teachers, doctors or nurse.


4. Avoid bad friends:


You must make good friends who would not introduce you to taking drugs.


5. Keep drugs away from children:


Parents should always keep drugs away from the reach of children.


6. Develop good habits:


We must form good habits and value discipline such as honesty, hard work, respect for others, fear of God, etc.


7. Ask questions:


Ask questions about information on drugs. This will help you to use drugs correctly.

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