First Term Examination Basic Science Primary 6

First Term Examination Questions


Basic Science and Technology
Primary 6 / Basic 6
Read the following questions and pick the beat option from the given alternatives

1. The solar system consists of the sun, the planets and the ___________________

(a) satellites (b) mercury (c) pluto

2. ___________ is also known as the dwarf planet

(a) venus (b) pluto (c) earth

3. The third planet in the solar system is called the ___________

(a) earth. (b) sún. (c) moon

4. The earth rotates on its own axis once every ________ hours

(a) ten (b) forty (c) twenty four

5. Environmental changes are likely caused by rampant.____

(a)human activities (b) gossip (c) covid 19

6. All the following are examples of natural disasters except ____

(a) afforestation (b) flood (c) earthquake

7. The _______ vessels carry blood to and Fro the heart in the body system

(a) water (b) blood (c) pipeline

8. The circulatory system is also known as the _____ system of the body because it moves oxygenated blood around the whole body

(a) transport (b) sanitation (c) security

9. The names of gaseous elements that we breathe in and out are _____ and _____ respectively

(a) amonia and helium (b) oygen and carbon dioxide (c) nitrogen and hygrogen

10. The digestive system is made up of the mouth, the, the gullet, the small intestine and the _____

(a) large intestine (b) anus (c) Spiracle

11. The process whereby food particles are broken down into smaller particles for easy absorption by the body is known as _____

(a) digistive system (b) Excretory system (c) nervous system

12. The actual assimilation and absorption of food takes place in the _____

(a) gullet (b) stomach (c) small intestine

13. The skeletal bone that protects the brain is called the _____ (a) brain (b) skull (c) joint

14. ______ is the process whereby living Organisms produce young ones that look like thier parents. (a) Reproduction (b) Resettlement (c) Respiration

15. Red, blue and yellow are examples of _____ colors (a) Nursery (b) Primary (c) secondary

16. The mixture of red and blue in equal quantity will give us color ____ (a) green (b) orange (c) white

17. ______ resources are God’s given materials that can further be reproduced by man to make life easier and better. (al Natural (b) Paliative (c) Relief

18. Examples of ______ materials are pencils, drawing board, and ruler. (a) sleeping (b) drawing (c) building

19. There are ____ planets in the solar system (a) eight (b) nine (c) ten

20. The mixture of primary colours will produce _____ colours (a) nursery (b) secondary (c) baby

Part B


Answer the following Questions.

1. (à) What is digestion of food

    (b) Mention the organs that are involved in the digestion of food

2. (à) Explain The Human Circulatory System

    (b) Write out the four chambers of the heart

3. List out the planets in these solar system

4. White out the characteristics of living things






Characteristics of Living Things MR NIGER D

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