When John the Baptist was alive, he fed on wild honey and



Attempt all the questions

1.) Herod killed __________ (a) Jesus Christ (b) John the Baptist (c) Moses


2.) Jesus Christ fed _____________ thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fish

(a) two (b) five (c) seven


3.) When John the Baptist was alive, he fed on wild honey and ___________

(a) rice (b) bread (c) honey


4.) _________ killed Abel, his brother. (a) John (b) Cain (c) Matthew


5.) A __________ is someone that is running away from punishment.

(a) fugitive (b) criminal (c) sinner


6.) Adam and Eve were sent out from the garden of _____________

(a) Lagos (b) Eden (c) Jericho


7.) The last book of the Bible is the ______ (a) Matthew (b) Jude (c) Revelation


8.) Saul was a _________ citizen (a) Lagos (b) Roman (c) Nigerian


9.) _____ prayed for Saul before he regained his sight. (a) Job (b) Jesus (c) Ananias


10.) _____________ means doing what you are told to do.

(a) kindness (b) goal setting (c) obedience


11.) ____________ means doing good to other people.

(a) kindness (b) goal setting (c) obedience


12.) On the second day, God created _______ (a) sky (b) man (c) fish


13.) On the seventh day, God _________ (a) prayed (b) rested (c) slept


14.) ______ is a short story with moral teaching. (a) parable (b) fable (c) drama


15.) A ___________ is an agreement between two people or parties.

(a) covenant (b) partnership (c) set-up


16.) To forgive means to _____________ (a) forget (b) remember (c) pardon


17.) “When I was sick, you visited me” who made the above statement _____

(a) Jesus (b) Moses (c) Joshua


18.) To be a good child, you should behave like _____________ in the old testament.

(a) Samuel (b) Saul (c) Peter


19.) God visited the Egyptians with ______ plagues. (a) seven (b) ten (c) twelve


20.) Which of the ten commandment had a promise attached to it _________

(a) first (b) second (c) fifth


21.) God gave the laws to the Isrealites on mount ________

(a) Ararat (b) Sinai (c) Zion


22.) God destroyed the world with ________ because of man’s wickedness.

(a) earthquake (b) famine (c) flood


23.) From the story of Cain and Abel; the major cause of sin was __________

(a) envy (b) judgement (c) favourites


24.) What did God create on the sixth day

(a) dry land and sea (b) light (c) living creatures and man


25.) God rested on the ________ day of creation. (a) first (b) fourth (c) sixth


26.) The bible is the record of God’s ______________

(a) creation stories (b) dealings with mankind (c) miracles


27.) How many times was Jesus tempted in the wilderness

(a) one (b) two (c) three


28.) In order to overcome temptation we are advised to __________

(a) be close to our friend (b) be prayerful (c) go to church


29.) One of the prophet that announced the coming of the messiah was prophet ___

(a) Amos (b) Hosea (c) Isaiah


30.) As a sign to the soldiers who arrested Jesus; Judas told them that any man he _________ was the one. (a) embraced (b) kissed (c) slapped


Section B

1.) What is forgiveness?

2.) What is a parable?

3.) Write out the names of four out of the twelve disciples of Jesus.

4.) What is a covenant

5.) Write out the names of two people that had covenant with God



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