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Read the following questions and pick out the best answer from the given alternatives
1)_____ is the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife
(a) marriage (b) family (c) religion (d) saving
2)The primary reason why people get married is because of ____
(a) money (b) fame (c) hatred (d) love
3)______ is a type of marriage where a man marries a woman
(a) polygamy (b) polytechnic (c) monogamy (d) industrial
4)_____ is the smallest social unit (a) marriage (b) school (c) family (d) institution
5)In most African communities a man is allowed to marry more than one wife. This type of marriage is known as ______ (a) monogamy (b) polygamy (c) occultic (d) freedom
6)A follower of Islam religion is called a _____ (a) Brahmen (b) Ibrahim (c) Ahmed (d) Moslem
7)The sacred book of the Christian is called the _____ (a) Koran (b) Bible (c) Scroll (d) Voodoo
8)_____ is the mode of worship (a) transportation (b) communication (c) religion (d) voodoo
9)Political parties have the sole aim of _____ (a) contesting and winning elections
(b) organizing campaign and seminars (c) educating electorate (d) providing bullet boxes
10)The three major religions in Nigeria are Christianity, Islam and _____
(a) Hindu (b) Aramic (c) Yoga (d) Traditional religion
11)The first Pharaoh of Unified Ancient Egypt was ____
(a) Ahmed (b) Taofeek (c) Menes (d) Patrah
12)______ is a break in marriage (a) divorce (b) injury (c) relationship (d) courtship
13)Democracy day is celebrated in Nigeria on the ______ of every year
(a) 1st of May (b) 27th of May (c) 29th of May (d) 16th of May
14)A _______ is an unmarried man (a) spinster (b) bachelor (c) lad (d) lass
15)Mineral resources are valuable because they __________ (a) are expensive (b) are pretty
(c) can be converted into other goods that people find useful (d) are hidden in the soil
16)Which of the following is not a mineral resources in Nigeria
(a) oil (b) coal (c) diamonds (d) limestone
17)Nigeria’s major source of income is ______ (a) cars (b) telephone (c) oil (d) gold
18)Which of the following is not an agricultural resource _______
(a) cash crop (b) limestone (c) food crops (d) livestock
19)Which of the following is not a food grown in Nigeria
(a) beans (b) plantains (c) yam (d) strawberries
20)Animal skins can be used to make _____ (a) shoes (b) computers (c) basket (d) tables
Part B: Theory
Answer the following questions
Why did the Egyptians mummified their dead
b.) What was papius made from ___________________________________________________
What are cash crops? __________________________________________________________
b.) List two cash crops that are grown in Nigeria
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
What are mineral resources? ____________________________________________________
b.) Mention two mineral resources in Nigeria
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
Define international trade? _____________________________________________________
b.) Mention two imported goods in Nigeria
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
Write out in full
HIV: ________________________________________________________________
AIDS: ________________________________________________________________
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